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Purple Potatoes Take Two

October 28, 2007

Just wanted to give this link here – so you can see the potatoes cut into – and there’s lots of purple potato recipes!


and the winner is…

October 27, 2007

The cupcakes were a big hit…for the sake of those of us who are trying to stay away from the goodies, photos are after the break. 😉

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how to pick???!

October 26, 2007

First, is it okay to link to other people’s flickr photos? I’ve seen other bloggers do it, but I’m not completely sure what the etiquette is….so If I’ve linked your photo here and you’re ticked, please accept my apologies. Now, on with the post….

I have to make Halloween cupcakes today! I’m not even going to start on how hard that’s going to be because I can’t snitch at any point in the process…no licking fingers, no ma’am.

So I went to my favorite source of cupcake inspiration: flickr. Wow, so many cool ones to choose from! There were these:

and these…I’m liking the skull one:

but wait, these are cool and look very easy…

Holy crap, these ones took the cake though……

Have you ever seen a cooler cuter ghosty little cupcake???!! Not that I’m even considering making them.. I just fell in luuuurve with them.

So…skulls, graves, or mummies?



October 25, 2007

So I’m on a modified eating plan for six days, trying to jump-start my very sluggish metabolism. No salt, no sugar, no wheat, no dairy. And you know what I miss most….COFFEE. I am one who cannot take my coffee without sugar or cream…and believe me, I’ve tried every sugar substitute known to man and they all make me gag.

I’m past the stabbing-headache-phase of caffiene withdrawal…now I’m just sad and TIRED and wistful. I want a latte so much right now that I think I might cry a little. (Is that the sound of tiny violins I hear?)

But I keep telling myself…NO, NO, NO…you can do this. It’s six freaking days, for crying out loud. You have plenty to eat. Suck it up. You’re halfway there.

But the call of the coffee is so strong……


Purple Mashed Potatoes

October 22, 2007

I’m having a “Lucid Window” where my PC seems to maybe work – so here we go.

YEARS ago on a cooking show I saw a chef from Hawaii use PURPLE potatoes. I thought they looked so fun – and really wanted to try them. I’ve finally found them both at Wild Oats and at a local farmstand.


They are purple through and through – deep, dark, purple. Not maroon like beets – PURPLE! (The birdfeeder/candydish behind the potatoes is from a local craft fair – fun huh?).

So I decided to make mashed potatoes with them – for fun. They turned out so fabulous. They were a gorgeous lavender color.


No recipe here – just added cream and butter and used my kitchenaid. They taste just like regular mashed potatoes. My 6yo couldn’t eat them because of the mental thing – too weird to eat purple mashed potatoes I suppose. Parts of the leftovers turned a bright turquoise – crazy fun.

I also made potato leek soup with these and it’s amazing how well they hold their shape. So they are a starchier potato – like a new potato. They’d be great in stews or soups if you want the potatoes to keep their shape. Now with potato leek soup, I like mine blended – so I used an immersion blender – and at first my soup just looked kind of brown. As it sat overnight in the fridge (and freezer) it turned this deep dark purple. Crazy stuff. Sorry – no more pics.

I haven’t confirmed this yet, but I’m guessing that the purple potatoes may have some anti-oxidant properties of other foods in the blue/purple group.  Hopefully you can find these too – it is potato harvest right now!!!


my million dollar idea

October 18, 2007

It’s for someone else, granted, because running a place like this would be my idea of a private hell, but it’s *my* idea…

Don’t you think that there should be an alternative/crunchy version of Chuck E. Cheese (et al) where kids can play all the fun games and run around and be wild and stuff, but not eat total crap and come home with craptastically crappy plastic toys? I’m envisioning:

  • an excellent security system (of course) so you don’t have to worry about your kids getting nabbed
  • healthy, or at least moderately healthy snacks and drinks…no high fructose corn syrup allowed. (Would founatin Izze be too much to ask for?)
  • prizes that are somewhat useful and encourage creativity

Really, wouldn’t it be amazing? I know I’d pay more for the tokens if it meant I didn’t have to field constant requests for assorted crap for two hours straight. I think other parents would too.


five things I really wish I liked

October 14, 2007

but they make me gag:

  1. yogurt
  2. oatmeal
  3. beans
  4. avocados
  5. tea