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Old habits. . . new salsa

June 29, 2007

So, growing up, the light in our basement – by the washer and dryer – didn’t have a string to turn it on and off. What we did was actually screw the bulb in more to turn it on and when you left – you unscrewed it a bit to turn it off.

Fast forward 21 years (amount of time since I’ve lived in my childhood home). So I go down to my basement last week and tried to screw the lightbulb on by the washer!!! I about died when I realized why I’d done it. My string had broken off the little light fixture – so today I replaced it with a pull from Home Depot. Whew.

Must add. . . I’m not usually a chip/salsa girl, but I was at Costco (not the one I work at) and they had samples of Jack’s Special Salsa . Wow is it good. I can’t stop eating it – which is good because it’s 48 oz’s. Yum. It says “medium” on it – but it’s not hot – I’ve had a little heat occasionally – but overall – not hot.

Oh, and while we’re talking chips and salsa, The Container Store has the cutest snack and dip container for lunches It has a built in bowl in the center for your dip (perfect size for the bite sized Tostitos).


alert the media

June 29, 2007

No, really, I’m serious.

Now that I have a good-sized basil plant, I figured it was time to whip up a batch of Arwen’s pesto. My kind of recipe! I have never eaten pesto, let alone made it myself, but the list of ingredients looked good, and I do have a bitty Cuisinart, so off I went.


Isn’t it lovely?

(That’s the Circulon pan I got today at a garage sale for $5. Now, I’m really cheap. There are few things I’d pay $5 for at a garage sale, and I have to say, I made a good call here. I have two other 12″ pans, but one is too deep for many everyday dishes, and the other has a biiiig loooong handle that irritates me. This one is perfect! And the lid that fits my other two also fits this one perfectly!)

So, it’s really tasty. But that’s not the newsworthy part. It is: MY SIX YEAR OLD ATE THIS. yes, that’s right, my ultra-picky 6yo. I was absolutely gobsmacked, because let’s face it, it looks funny. It’s green and grainy-looking and not at all what I thought would appeal to her. I did have to give her a quarter to try it, but then she voluntarily ate a serving. Like, six bites off of my plate then I got her her own.

Unbelievable. Woo.



June 29, 2007

Houston, we have a six-inch cucumber. Yesterday it was 4.5″…no doubt DD will be out in the garden with a ruler at 7:30 a.m. to see if it grew another inch and a half.

My hand is ready to fall off yet I am unable to stop surfing.

The hamsters have been revealed! Is it that time already?? (!!!) (If you don’t know what I’m talking about then move right along…)

The new Die Hard movie is awesome. You know, in a totally 24-ish “no way could that happen, no way is he not dead yet and btw, he really kicks ***” sort of way. Very entertaining…highly recommended if you don’t have a prob with all the killing and swearing. 😉

I just read a thread on a board about a woman having awful relationship problems with her teenage daughter and it freakin’ TERRIFIED me. Sooooo not looking forward to that part.

Barbara Kingsolver’s new-ish book is really, really good. And I’m only on the fourth chapter. Every time I see another blogger mention it, I smile because that means people are reading it, and I wish everyone would read it. It’s a very important book, imho.

I wish someone else was still awake so they could scratch my back.



that meme!

June 25, 2007

I’ve seen it as both 7 things and 8 things, so I’ll list however many I can come up with! It’s all over the place…so I am guessing that everyone has seen the rules and I don’t have to post them! (lazy much?) Thanks for tagging me Cathy! 😀

Random things about me….

1. I don’t like getting my face wet/putting my head under water. For that reason I prefer to wash my hair in the bathroom sink instead of the shower.

2. I’m sort of afraid of strangers — as in, we lived in our house for probably 6 or 7 years before we even met our neighbors. I don’t have social anxiety or anything — I just don’t get over that initial hump easily.

3. I cannot stand the sensation of having things stuck in my teeth, therefore I floss constantly. I have dental floss within arms reach most of the time.

4. I don’t carry a purse — well, at least I didn’t for almost 20 years. (Recently I made one I like a lot so I will occasionally carry it.) It’s not really because I don’t like carrying things…I mean, I don’t, but I’m more concerned about losing my stuff. Like you know how the President and the Vice President travel on separate planes? I can’t bear to have my keys and wallet in the same bag, for fear of something happening to it. God forbid my phone, flash drive, and iPod were in there too. I think I’d completely lose it.

5. I’m not a pet person. In fact, I cringe when I walk by the pet food aisle at the grocery store. Don’t even get me started on the smell of actual pet stores. (gag) It doesn’t skeeve me out that other people have pets, I just cannot remotely fathom ever wanting one in my house. Which is odd because we had a dog growing up…go figure.

6. I have a major sweet tooth. A few years ago, I ate like ten cupcakes in one sitting and didn’t feel sick at all. (I was alone. In the office. With a plate of cupcakes. What’s a girl to do?)

7. I’m told that I give off a strong “I don’t like you” vibe to those who don’t know me well. A while back I was leading a group and I told them upfront about it: “you may feel like I don’t like you, but that’s just how I come off, really.” And more than one person came up and thanked me for saying that. I’m not quite sure how to get rid of the vibe though….

If you haven’t done this one, consider yourself tagged!



June 21, 2007

My 3yo, on Jesus:

“Mummah, what was he jumping into? In that picture at church where he is jumping into that hot burning pond thing?”



Conversation you’re NOT having with your 8 year old. . .

June 21, 2007

“Mom, you know what my favorite word is right now?”

“No honey, what is it?”

“Factorization. . . Actually, prime factorization.”

(Mom pulls out her mental dictionary. . . )


How to grow a bindweed patch. . .

June 19, 2007


  1. In late March, find a nice sunny spot in your yard that you think would be good for a vegetable garden. This area should contain just a few scattered bindweed plants.
  2. Rent a rototiller – and till the soil – we did a patch 10 feet by 20 feet wide. Till diagonally and horizontally getting as deep as you can.
  3. Pull out big clumps of grass.
  4. Invite a friend and her kids to come and share with you in your gardening experience – and share in the “bounty.”
  5. Cover the tilled area with plastic so that any grasses or other plants die – until it’s time for planting in your area (we covered for 6 weeks).
  6. Upon removal of black plastic, you will see white shoots everywhere that kind of look like bean sprouts. These are your babies. Use a flat shovel to cut these shoots out of your plot. Spend at least 5 hours pulling out and throwing away all the shoots you can find. There will be little tiny white pieces of shoots everywhere – each of these will grow into a plant!
  7. Next, buy organic compost – Miracle Grow is about the most expensive you can find. Buy 12 bags – enough to put two bags in each of 6 raised beds you will create for planting.


  8. Over the next week, you will see lots of little baby buds coming up all over your six mounds. You may want to pull these – spending about an hour a day to do so. This will not impede their growth.
  9. Water as you prepare to plant seedlings. Water water water. Plant onions, carrots, lettuces, snap peas, and water water water.
  10. Every few days go out and pull some more little baby bindweed buds.
  11. Go away for the weekend.
  12. When you return, you will have a gorgeous luscious blanket of bindweed. When allowed to thrive, little white morning glory flowers will appear which means that the bindweed has gone to seed and your plants will multiply exponentially.


Things to remember about bindweed. . .

  1. Needs no water
  2. Needs no sun
  3. Root systems can grow 20 to 50 feet into the ground
  4. Most weed killers will not kill it

There is however a bindweed mite. . .