October 25, 2007

So I’m on a modified eating plan for six days, trying to jump-start my very sluggish metabolism. No salt, no sugar, no wheat, no dairy. And you know what I miss most….COFFEE. I am one who cannot take my coffee without sugar or cream…and believe me, I’ve tried every sugar substitute known to man and they all make me gag.

I’m past the stabbing-headache-phase of caffiene withdrawal…now I’m just sad and TIRED and wistful. I want a latte so much right now that I think I might cry a little. (Is that the sound of tiny violins I hear?)

But I keep telling myself…NO, NO, NO…you can do this. It’s six freaking days, for crying out loud. You have plenty to eat. Suck it up. You’re halfway there.

But the call of the coffee is so strong……



  1. I don’t know I could do it, so you rock!

  2. You could! Because you embrace Splenda! 😉

  3. Actually, no- I’ve kicked it to the curb.

  4. oh, good — that stuff’ll kill you, you know… 😉

  5. But then again, what won’t these days, right?

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