Purple Mashed Potatoes

October 22, 2007

I’m having a “Lucid Window” where my PC seems to maybe work – so here we go.

YEARS ago on a cooking show I saw a chef from Hawaii use PURPLE potatoes. I thought they looked so fun – and really wanted to try them. I’ve finally found them both at Wild Oats and at a local farmstand.


They are purple through and through – deep, dark, purple. Not maroon like beets – PURPLE! (The birdfeeder/candydish behind the potatoes is from a local craft fair – fun huh?).

So I decided to make mashed potatoes with them – for fun. They turned out so fabulous. They were a gorgeous lavender color.


No recipe here – just added cream and butter and used my kitchenaid. They taste just like regular mashed potatoes. My 6yo couldn’t eat them because of the mental thing – too weird to eat purple mashed potatoes I suppose. Parts of the leftovers turned a bright turquoise – crazy fun.

I also made potato leek soup with these and it’s amazing how well they hold their shape. So they are a starchier potato – like a new potato. They’d be great in stews or soups if you want the potatoes to keep their shape. Now with potato leek soup, I like mine blended – so I used an immersion blender – and at first my soup just looked kind of brown. As it sat overnight in the fridge (and freezer) it turned this deep dark purple. Crazy stuff. Sorry – no more pics.

I haven’t confirmed this yet, but I’m guessing that the purple potatoes may have some anti-oxidant properties of other foods in the blue/purple group.  Hopefully you can find these too – it is potato harvest right now!!!



  1. Oh my gosh, too cool! I looove your purple potatoes! So what kind are they? Do you know?

  2. so flippin’ cool!

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