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Pink Formica Dinette Table

April 17, 2009
Pink Formica Table

Pink Formica Table

This isn’t the best pic – I’ll find a better one later – but I had to put something up as we’ve been quiet way too long.  I found this table on Craigslist for $50 – and it includes TWO LEAVES!  It’s a gorgeous gorgeous find and goes perfect in my jadeite green kitchen.  Now if only Kitchenaid would let me exchange my white mixer for a PINK one.



November 4, 2007

Really, is there a worse word in our relativist, hyper-tolerant society? I mean, God forbid you actually come out and say that you think something is wrong. “Tolerance” is the holy grail. (Unless of course someone of a more conservative persuasion happens to disagree with you, then you’re in the clear, and free to pass judgment on them, declaring anything they say as “hate speech.” But I digress.)

I believe in judgment. I firmly believe that there are rights and wrongs that apply to the whole human race. I try my hardest not to judge people, because that’s not my job. But I have no problem saying, for instance, that murder is wrong. Stealing is wrong. Being selfish is wrong. If that makes me a judgmental person, then so be it.

That said, I’m struggling right now not to judge this woman I just had an encounter with at the Target. The embodiment of my pet peeve. Halloween stuff went to 75% off today and I went in search of ONE shirt in ONE size. This woman had ALL of the shirts piled up in her cart — like she just walked in and grabbed them all. I started to look through then because I honestly thought it was a stock cart — and she was all, “EXCUSE ME THAT IS MMMYYYY CART.”

I’m sorry, but unless she was buying all 200 shirts for homeless orphans, that’s just wrong. Leave two or three for someone else, for crying out loud.

So yeah, trying not to judge this woman…I’ve been stewing and pushing back thoughts of what a horrible person she is. Trying to give her the benefit of the doubt. Homeless orphans. Homeless orphans. Anything is possible.


I won!!!

April 17, 2007

Well, it’s not the HGTV Dream Home, but I did win a large jar of jelly beans!  1,260 to be exact.  I went to this little shop in Arvada, Yours Truly – for the first time about a month ago.  They had a little contest where you guess how many jelly beans are in the jar – closest wins.  I guessed 1,250 – so I won! Yay!



what I did for love

March 24, 2007

This morning, my bf and I took our kids to a free movie at the mall. Sooooo corny, but they loved it, when they weren’t totally freaked out. My kids are a bit sheltered when it comes to movies and shows that have any element of “scary” or even “tense” in them. A creepy episode of the Backyardigans can send them running from the room. This movie had its moments, sending the 3yo into my lap and causing the 6yo to bury her head in my shoulder, but for the most part it was a good time. But SO. CHEESY.

You have to wonder how much they paid Roger Moore to voice Irontail….