my million dollar idea

October 18, 2007

It’s for someone else, granted, because running a place like this would be my idea of a private hell, but it’s *my* idea…

Don’t you think that there should be an alternative/crunchy version of Chuck E. Cheese (et al) where kids can play all the fun games and run around and be wild and stuff, but not eat total crap and come home with craptastically crappy plastic toys? I’m envisioning:

  • an excellent security system (of course) so you don’t have to worry about your kids getting nabbed
  • healthy, or at least moderately healthy snacks and drinks…no high fructose corn syrup allowed. (Would founatin Izze be too much to ask for?)
  • prizes that are somewhat useful and encourage creativity

Really, wouldn’t it be amazing? I know I’d pay more for the tokens if it meant I didn’t have to field constant requests for assorted crap for two hours straight. I think other parents would too.



  1. Brilliant idea. How I loathe that “other” place

  2. Behind you 100%. Maybe someone could turn the music down just a little?

  3. Oh tooootttalllllyyyyy…add that to my list. šŸ˜‰

  4. Love the idea of E-mail bankrupcy (say it on Pioneer Woman)

  5. See there are times that I am thankful we live away from civilization. My kids have been to Chuck E. Cheese exactly twice in their lives (only once in one of their lives).

  6. Honestly – if you feed them breakfast, get them dressed, then go you can burn through 40 tokens and be home for lunch. Yes, you leave w/ crap prizes, but they get broken in like 12 hours anyway, so its not like you’ve really added to your crap collection. We loved going to CEC while at Grandma’s. No food, no drinks, no sugar – just $10 worth of fun on a weekday morning when we’re the only ones there. :nine:

    (the music was totally annoying, though. What’s w/ all the Huey Lewis?)

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