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40 Years Ago Today

September 21, 2009


40 years ago today – I was one and a half.  I was probably walking around on the orange carpet in our living room – gazing at my very pregnant mom.  Maybe I was pulling around my Fisher Price telephone – maybe munching on a graham cracker.  Little did I know that that day would change my life forever.

That day, my little sister was born.  From the start she was curious and loving and sweet.  We shared a room for the first eight or so years.  We had this amazing bunk bed that my mom built – primary colors – equipped with it’s own big green slide.  We had these HUGE metal bookshelves, full of games and books and matching dolls who’s hair grew longer when you pulled it out of her head.  We also had a magical chinese checkers game – some of the marbles turned into gumballs – no joke.

We had lots of matching dresses and outfits (like the one above).  Some had cats, some Raggedy Ann and Andy and more.  Matching sleeping bags and ponchos and all kinds of things.  We were built in buddies.  Mom did everything she could to make sure us girls were happy, well adjusted sisters.

I don’t even want to think about where I’d be without her all these years.  She’s been my best friend, my confidant,  my co-conspirator, my cheer leader, my inspiration. We’ve shared so much – especially our faith in a loving God and Savior.  Where would we be without HIM?

The only thing we don’t share is a STATE.  We live way too far apart.  But today – I’m at her home helping her celebrate her birthday.  Thanks Uncle Brad for flying me out to be with her today.  Thanks sis for choosing to have me come.  I love you with all of my heart.


Julie loves Scrabble.  So. . . at her birthday party we secretly had friends spell out on a board – things they loved about Julie. . . some of the results are above.