About Us

We’re sisters (of course) who live waaaay too far apart from each other. Yes, that really is us in the header, one of our favorite pics, in fact! 😀 We have quite the treasure trove of matching-dress photos, thanks to Mom and her mad sewing skillz.

Julie is the “little” sis. Even though she’s taller. She lives in the midwest with her husband and two daughters, ages 5 and 8. She loves to cook almost as much as she loves to eat, and also knits, spins (as in, turning big balls of fluff into yarn — not the fitness thing), geocaches, sings, plays Scrabble, and surfs the Internet a little too much. In her non-spare time she does freelance graphic design, web stuff, and level one tech support.

She describes herself as Catholic (adult convert), Christian (yes, she does “know Jesus” even though she’s Catholic), quite conservative (note that she didn’t say Republican), and crunchier by the day (but she’s not above feeding her kids hot dogs, or eating cupcakes for breakfast when they’re not looking) — but asks that you try not to put her in a box, thankyouverymuch.

Jodi is the “big” sis.  She LIVED in the midwest but went away to California for college and met the love of her life there – who was from the Rockies.  They stayed in CA for 15 years before moving to Colorado – just after 9/11.  She’s a pseudo –  SAHM to a son 10 and daughter 8.  She works evenings and weekends when DH of 16 years –  can be with the kids.  She loves to do lots of things – but rarely finds the time for them.  If days were longer she’d cook more, bake more, scrapbook, crochet, roller skate, sew and read.

She went to Bethany BIBLE College – a small Assemblies of God College – so also considers herself conservative (more and more each day).  She’s a STRONG believer in preserving the innocence of childhood – PLEASE!

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