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Easy Patriotic Pretzels!

June 30, 2013

Jodi pinned those cute pretzel rods to our shared 4th of July Pinterest boardyou know the ones – so adorable, with their wee M&Ms and patriotic sprinkles! My girls made a whole bunch of them this afternoon:


When they were almost done, I saw that there was some drizzling chocolate left, so I put some pretzel snaps down wherever there was room on the cookie sheets, and drizzled them too, then threw on some sprinkles and wee M&Ms:


Can I just say: so, so much less involved than the rods. Next year, we’re making entire cookie sheets full of these. So quick and easy!! It would be a great project for younger kids.

All you need:

  • pretzels (we used square snaps – lots of surface area – pretzel thins would work really well too)
  • candy coating for drizzling (white or chocolate….we used both)
  • wee M&Ms (we got the big bags and separated out the blue and red ones)
  • assorted red, white and blue sprinkles

Happy Independence Day!