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Hello Kitty Cupcakes

August 28, 2008

A friend of mine’s daughter Allie was having a Hello Kitty Birthday. Allie requested cupcakes – but mom didn’t really have time to make them – so I did! Here are the supplies needed:

yellow and black jelly bellies (bought loose at Target)
chocolate jimmies
pastel candies for bow center (Michaels)
mini marshmallows
pink and white frosting

If you cut mini-marshmallows on a diagonal – they make the perfect shaped ears (for kitties, bunnies, pigs).

I didn’t use any piping bags or anything – just a spatula to put white frosting on.  I actually had a tube of pink frosting – that I used to put two dots by one ear – for a bow and put a pink candy in the center.  My kids helped by pulling out the longest of the chocolate jimmies for whiskers – wow – thanks kids!

If I’d baked these – in my egg mold – I may have gotten the more oval HK shape.  Space the black eyes as far apart as possible – to make it look more hello kitty-ish.

The finished product.  Lots of happy 5 year olds ate these (even the black jelly bellies).


say it isn’t so…

August 21, 2008


Headband Storage Solution

August 18, 2008

The Problem:

The Solution:

As you can see – we desperately needed a vehicle to organize my daughter’s headbands.  I kept thinking about the displays they have at places like Claire’s – and how could I get one or make my own?  Then it hit me.  I need a tall cylinder. . . and I work at Costco.  So do you recognize it?  It’s the container from the Pub Mix – found at your local Costco in the chip isle.  Once the container was empty (the mix is yummy) I took the label off – washed it out – and voila! – instant headband holder.  You could also fill it with ribbons and such.  The bottom headband has to be on there kind of tight – but most of the headbands are pretty snug on the cylinder – they’re not stretched out at all.  Give it a try!!!



August 17, 2008

I am NOT tired of my kids, nor am I tired of summer. I just want to get that straight.

What I AM tired of is not being able to cook without extreme guilt over how high our electric bills have been this summer. (Or sweltering if I turn off the a/c in order to cook.) I love to cook. I love to bake. The girls are so into it too…evidence:

Rosemary Peasant Bread, made by my seven year old. She rocks, as does the bread.

But DUDE. I keep trying to wait until late at night to bake (when I’m naturally more productive) but for some reason, for the last few weeks our house has been SO. flipping. HOT ’round the clock…even with all the doors and windows open.

So I’m extra-looking-forward to fall this year, because I want to be able to cook whenever.