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crafty critters

November 3, 2007

Seriously. I built a screen frame to protect my garlic from being unearthed by the nine billion critters who dig in my yard every night for fun…and what do they do? They MOVED it, crawled into my 12″ high raised bed, and dug up my newly-planted bulbs. They only made off with one of them…but still. GAH.


I haven’t posted about the garden

September 17, 2007

…because I don’t want to gloat. Not that my garden is super fab or anything, but I’m still so bummed for Jodi and the whole bindweed fiasco. Sigh.

But…we have squash!


And luckily, the frost we were supposed to get on Friday night never materialized. So my peppers aren’t dead yet. We’ve had a lot of Gypsy peppers, a decent amount of jalapenos, and exactly two green bell peppers. The plants keep fruiting (is that what it’s called, even??) and then the teeeeny tiny peppers fall right off. My (very hip! very now!) friend the organic farmer tells me this might be due to some kind of bug. Oh well…I’m just glad that everything didn’t die. (And that I don’t have bindweed in my yard. Sorry Sis. 😦 )

Dang critters dug up my lettuce last night though. Grrr.


How to grow a bindweed patch. . .

June 19, 2007


  1. In late March, find a nice sunny spot in your yard that you think would be good for a vegetable garden. This area should contain just a few scattered bindweed plants.
  2. Rent a rototiller – and till the soil – we did a patch 10 feet by 20 feet wide. Till diagonally and horizontally getting as deep as you can.
  3. Pull out big clumps of grass.
  4. Invite a friend and her kids to come and share with you in your gardening experience – and share in the “bounty.”
  5. Cover the tilled area with plastic so that any grasses or other plants die – until it’s time for planting in your area (we covered for 6 weeks).
  6. Upon removal of black plastic, you will see white shoots everywhere that kind of look like bean sprouts. These are your babies. Use a flat shovel to cut these shoots out of your plot. Spend at least 5 hours pulling out and throwing away all the shoots you can find. There will be little tiny white pieces of shoots everywhere – each of these will grow into a plant!
  7. Next, buy organic compost – Miracle Grow is about the most expensive you can find. Buy 12 bags – enough to put two bags in each of 6 raised beds you will create for planting.


  8. Over the next week, you will see lots of little baby buds coming up all over your six mounds. You may want to pull these – spending about an hour a day to do so. This will not impede their growth.
  9. Water as you prepare to plant seedlings. Water water water. Plant onions, carrots, lettuces, snap peas, and water water water.
  10. Every few days go out and pull some more little baby bindweed buds.
  11. Go away for the weekend.
  12. When you return, you will have a gorgeous luscious blanket of bindweed. When allowed to thrive, little white morning glory flowers will appear which means that the bindweed has gone to seed and your plants will multiply exponentially.


Things to remember about bindweed. . .

  1. Needs no water
  2. Needs no sun
  3. Root systems can grow 20 to 50 feet into the ground
  4. Most weed killers will not kill it

There is however a bindweed mite. . .


what a difference a week makes!

June 17, 2007



garden update!

June 13, 2007

Jodi asked to see pics of my garden…here is the whole thing:


The squash and cucumbers are about twice the size now as they were when I took this photo a week ago. The leaf lettuce is getting much bigger too. I’m doing Square Foot Gardening, a method which I’m eternally grateful that I discovered after I started my seedlings but before I dug a huge garden plot. It’s soooo easy and so far, is producing great results. It looks so wee, yet there are 10 lettuce plants, 4 cucumber plants, one tomato plant, 48 carrots, 32 onions, a squash plant, four pepper plants, and some basil growing in there. And I have two squares yet to plant.

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farm chicks

April 28, 2007

I just added a new site to the blogroll — the Farm Chicks, who I met at the Southern Living Fair last fall while visiting my friends the Soapchix. Holy cow, cutest site — these labels totally made me think of my sister. 😀