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Easy Patriotic Pretzels!

June 30, 2013

Jodi pinned those cute pretzel rods to our shared 4th of July Pinterest boardyou know the ones – so adorable, with their wee M&Ms and patriotic sprinkles! My girls made a whole bunch of them this afternoon:


When they were almost done, I saw that there was some drizzling chocolate left, so I put some pretzel snaps down wherever there was room on the cookie sheets, and drizzled them too, then threw on some sprinkles and wee M&Ms:


Can I just say: so, so much less involved than the rods. Next year, we’re making entire cookie sheets full of these. So quick and easy!! It would be a great project for younger kids.

All you need:

  • pretzels (we used square snaps – lots of surface area – pretzel thins would work really well too)
  • candy coating for drizzling (white or chocolate….we used both)
  • wee M&Ms (we got the big bags and separated out the blue and red ones)
  • assorted red, white and blue sprinkles

Happy Independence Day!


Just in time for the 8/31 deadline!

August 30, 2010

Whew, that was close!

Sew Mama Sew is hosting a giveaway — a fabulous  Husqvarna Viking serger giveaway — so fabulous that I’m breaking the blog silence to post my entry. I’m supposed to answer the question: How would your life be better with a serger?

Honestly, I’m not going to lie, my life would be better with any sewing machine made in this century.  I do love to sew but my 1969 Singer can only take me so far. And I’ve always wanted to learn how to use a serger!  (I borrowed my MIL’s serger for about three years wherein I replaced the blade and tried to read the manual and poked it with a stick and could never figure out how to use it.)

If  I win this contest, I promise, I’ll take a class.

The very specific reason that a serger would make my life easier is this:

This is one mammoth project. I can’t even really remember how it ended up on my figurative plate, but I can tell you that there was a lot of, “are you SURE you want to do this?” involved, to which I crazily answered, “yes, I am SURE.”

My kids attend a small Catholic school so they wear uniforms. And we have a very large, active uniform exchange, where you can trade in your old uniforms and take what you need in return. We’re all about reusing! But these have been reused so many times that they’re moving on to being recycled. This year someone realized that the UE hadn’t been culled in approximately 3857230 years. There were a lot of items (see photo!! six HUGE garbage bags full) that were stained, ripped, just plain worn out, or that didn’t meet our current dress code.

So I volunteered to inspect them further, remove what’s wearable so it can be donated to Goodwill, and then take on the massive task of repurposing as much as possible of what’s left. For every shirt that has a stain on the front, there’s a back’s worth of fabric that can be made into something else. Fabric from stained polos makes great rags. The worn out plaid skirts are begging to be made into hair accessories, pouches, and doll jumpers. I have a list of button crafts as long as my arm. And so on.

I’m not sure my Singer can handle this one! Help!


we interrupt the blog silence…

June 26, 2009

…to mourn the passing of a genius — albeit a flawed one — who provided the soundtrack to our childhood, adolescence, and coming-of-age. Dramatic? Yeah. But really, no other musician evokes such vivid memories of growing up with my siblings.

I don’t think that anyone who didn’t grow up in the 70s can quite understand this. I’m not one to ordinarily mourn the passing of complete strangers. But as I tried to explain to my daughters last night, the music of Michael Jackson is so intertwined in my memories — there is not one album in which one or two or four songs don’t evoke vivid recollection of the events and experiences of my young life. From playing Looking Through the Windows on our old record player in my sister’s bedroom…to watching her dance solo to Michael on stage at a talent show in the Clifford School  gymnasium…to gathering around the TV to watch the world premiere of the Thriller video…to playing Man in the Mirror at the house of a guy I was sooo secretly crushing on when I was 18…to riding with my brother in his VW Scirocco, amazed that he knew every word, beat and “oooo!” in every song.

Yeah, he got really odd. But honestly…who wouldn’t, with the whole world watching him from when he was so small? I know, I know…some wouldn’t. What a sad reality that his temperament + massive fame = wacky train wreck. What a shame.

But I don’t want to dwell on that…the media is doing it for me. 😉 I’m just gonna get back to my all-day MJ dance party and celebrate the music, thankful that he was able to share his gifts with the world.



October 27, 2008

Outside My Window… freezing rain

I am thinking…can I make it through the day without going to Target?

I am thankful for…having everything I need

From the kitchen…pumpkin snickerdoodle bars

I am wearing…my work clothes…haven’t had a chance to change yet

I am creating…Christmas presents, as soon as I drag the sewing machine out

I am going…to pick up the girlies at school

I am reading…People magazine

I am hoping…that neither car breaks this month

I am hearing…almost-silence (faint chainsaw noise in the neighborhood)

Around the house…I need to sort and fold the laundry, and make pico de gallo for taco night.

One of my favorite things…hugs from the girlies. there’s nothing like ’em.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:work, ballet, soccer, baking lots of cupcakes…

Here is picture thought I am sharing…


say it isn’t so…

August 21, 2008



August 17, 2008

I am NOT tired of my kids, nor am I tired of summer. I just want to get that straight.

What I AM tired of is not being able to cook without extreme guilt over how high our electric bills have been this summer. (Or sweltering if I turn off the a/c in order to cook.) I love to cook. I love to bake. The girls are so into it too…evidence:

Rosemary Peasant Bread, made by my seven year old. She rocks, as does the bread.

But DUDE. I keep trying to wait until late at night to bake (when I’m naturally more productive) but for some reason, for the last few weeks our house has been SO. flipping. HOT ’round the clock…even with all the doors and windows open.

So I’m extra-looking-forward to fall this year, because I want to be able to cook whenever.


This one’s for you, Lisa…

July 26, 2008

…and not only to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

(It’s my best friend’s birthday. And she’s been asking if I ever plan on posting again. So here we are…killing two birds with one stone!)

For those of you not fortunate enough to know my Pal, she’s the most fab Pal a girl could wish for — it might sound cliche, but she’s the real thing — true blue, always cheering me on, loving me and my kids, always there when I need her, yada yada…as well as being the perfect person to hang out with and talk about both everything and nothing.

A few years ago, I made her a scrapbook for her birthday, chronicling our friendship since we met in junior high school. (It was the only scrapbook I’ve ever finished, or even added more than two pages to, for that matter.) It was one of those gifts I don’t think I’ll ever top…unless I win the lotto, in which case I’ve got QUITE a plan for her 40th. 😉 This year there will just be a regular present and this moving tribute on my blog. (Are you wiping away tears yet? lol)

Happy birthday, Pal, I am so glad that you were born, and so grateful that God allowed our lives to intersect. I can’t imagine the gaping hole there would be in my life sans your friendship!

Also? I made those zucchini cakes and totally thought of you. While they are not spectacular, they are good and I wish you were here to have one with me. 🙂