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bag of hammers, my foot

July 26, 2007

I am smarter than 89.68% of the rest of the world.
Find out how smart you are.

I should have included this as #8 in the unusual things meme…I once took the Mensa test. And when the results came, my DH told me that I was dumb as a bag of hammers. Can you guess what my percentile was? 😀

(I feel the need to add that he was kidding. He’d never, ever call me dumb except in a joking way. Never would I let anyone speak to me like that for real, yo.) 



July 26, 2007



it’s driving me nuts

July 25, 2007

Usually I don’t pay a tremendous amount of attention to clothes — but there’s this hoodie. It’s so flippin’ cute. I totally want one. But I have no idea where it came from. Danielle (BB8) is wearing it in this video. And you can sort of see it here:


Totally adorable. And I don’t even usually like hoodies.


what to do?

July 23, 2007

Some days I worry a lot about whether my daughter will have friends.


And really, there’s only so much you can do. The kid is bright and funny but she has the albatross of an insanely strong will around her neck. She wants to do what she wants to do, and no matter how many times I gently explain that in order to have people to play with, you have to do what they want to do sometimes, she doesn’t hear it. (And then she cries and freaks out — but that’s another post entirely.)

I couldn’t tell you how many times she came home from school last year, complaining that a certain friend promised to play with her after lunch but then she wouldn’t. (A small amount of coaxing unearthed the fact that — surprise, surprise — said friend would ask her to play repeatedly, but my dear daughter said no to every suggestion. sigh.)

I’ve talked with this other girl’s mom and we both agree that all you can do is what I’ve been doing — I can’t force her to be a more flexible person. And it just might take a dose of heartache before she really understands that if she’s bossy, no one will want to play with her. And while I am glad she’s not the polar opposite (a people-pleaser who’s swayed easily by her peers), I cringe at the thought of what’s ahead.

So frustrating. I’m trying to give her the tools she needs to have friends, but I can’t inject them into her heart. My strong-willed girl……


Transformers – not for small children

July 21, 2007

I have a 9 year old boy. Nine year old boys generally like to: play video games, play sports, read (some of them) and watch movies. When we get him together with friends – they also like to do these things together. Now, I know when we return to school in 4 weeks, that just about every boy in his class will have seen the new Transformers movie. I really wanted my son to be able to see this movie but alas, he can not.

The first place I go for movie reviews is Plugged In which is a subsidiary of Focus on the Family. If you click on that link, you’ll find the Transformers review. Some parents don’t mind inuendos – because a lot of it goes over the heads of small children. They make me crazy mad. But, it looks like this movie is full of things a 9 year old should not see. If you look under s*xual content and the conclusion you’ll see what I’m talking about – don’t want to list it in our blog.

You know, the ratings people, they rated it PG-13, recommending that 13 would be an appropriate age to see this movie – but parents don’t listen to that. We as parents love movies so much – and really enjoyed going as children ourselves – so we look for movies appropriate for our kids! Most people go – even if it may not be for small children.

A friend I work with has taken her 4 year old! She and I recently had a conversation about which side to put her child’s carseat so he won’t die in a car accident. What about guarding our children’s hearts? Childhood innocence is quickly becoming a thing of the past. I’m not sure what to do with my frustration – so here I sit blogging. Am I the only one out here that feels this way?

In closing, please read reviews for movies you take your kids to. Even seemingly innocent movies contain messages and content you would not believe. Pink Panther is being played across the country as a free family movie this summer – read THAT review. Sheesh.



July 17, 2007



CJ’s Techno Meme

July 15, 2007

Heh. This one is right up my alley.

Cell phones

  1. How long have you had a cell phone? (If you don’t have one, why not? What would prompt you to get one?) Since I bought my first car — a 1971 VW Beetle — in 1987. My mom got me one of those big hulking bag phones to keep in the trunk, because let’s be honest…Volkswagens are crappy and unreliable. I had various other phones for emergency use only (and I did stick to it) until about 1998 when I got one for business use, with the intent of using it on a regular basis.
  2. How much do you use it? Very seldom — once a day, if even. My phone is craptacular and only keeps a charge for like two hours.
  3. Do you get jittery without it? Only in the winter, really. My car hit 110,000 miles recently, though, so I’m more apt to be careful to bring it places.


  1. How many computers in your house? Currently? Seven. They’re not all mine, though, LOL — four are laptops I brought home from work to fix.
  2. How much time do you spend on the computer in a day? Too much. Really.
  3. How does the time break down? (work/play/email/blogs/etc.) 1/3 to 1/2 work, the rest blogs, forums, etc.
  4. If your computer malfunctions, do you-
    1. Log in as root and fix the problem in a few swift keystrokes?
    2. Get some online help and fix it yourself with slightly slower keystrokes?
    3. Enlist outside help? from whom? How does he or she respond when you ask for assistance?
    4. Opt for the wishful thinking computer repair strategy, also known as the reboot-with-fingers-crossed strategy?

    Pretty much #2…I’m what I call “level one tech support”…I can fix most problems with a little help from Google. I do cringe when I have to fix my in-laws’ computer because they don’t have broadband, so it takes forever for me to look anything up. 😉


  1. What techno-gadget would you most like to own? Does a digital SLR camera count as a techno-gadget? I’m dying to get one. If not — I’d love an 8GB Nano.
  2. Of those you own (including PDA, iPod, etc.), which you miss most acutely if you dropped it in the lake accidentally while canoeing? I’d probably miss my iPod the most…but then again, dropping it in the lake would give me a great excuse to buy that 8GB Nano.
  3. What’s something you’ll never buy? Hm. Tough one. I think iPhones are hideously ugly, but the functionality might win me over someday. I don’t see myself with a Blackberry, either, but if some employer wanted to pay for it, I wouldn’t argue…..

I tag Cathy! Who loves memes! And anyone else who wants to play. 😀