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sometimes my mind wanders…

November 25, 2007

Do you have any silly pipe dreams?

Mine is particularly silly because it would require my sister to move back to the state where we were born…something that’s not likely to happen. But I think about it from time to time and have the plan all fleshed out in my mind….

We grew up in a college town, and the college would like to buy the house we grew up in. Not too likely as our mother is firmly entrenched there, but if they made her a decent offer she might consider selling. They’ve never made a decent offer though…the last one was downright insulting, as a matter of fact.

So the house is willed to us, and perhaps someday we’ll have to deal with said stingy college. And if they don’t make us a non-insulting offer, I think we should rehab the house and make it into a coffee shop. I have the floor plan all figured out, the menu partially planned, even a few special promotions in mind so that ours is the coolest coffeehouse in town, and everyone will of course want to hang out there.

But, um, yeah. Pipe dream. 😉


five things that make me smile

November 23, 2007
  1. I get to stay at home, almost all of the time, with my four-year-old. Next year she’ll be in kindergarten all day, and I’ll be back at work six hours a day. I try not to think about it too much, because it makes me sad and I don’t know when I’ll have time to do anything…but man, I’m really grateful to have this time with her. She’s my seep bee!
  2. My friend is having a baby!!! Actually, a few friends are having babies, but the one at the forefront of my mind has wanted one for a very long time, and I’m so flippin’ excited for her.
  3. My seven-year-old is on the brink of Really Being Able to Play Cards. She learned a pretty complicated game yesterday and I predict that, if I play as much as she wants me to, in a few days she’ll be quite good.
  4. I scored 325 at Scrabble yesterday. Nice to know I haven’t completely lost my edge.
  5. I’m going to see my favorite band tomorrow! 😀

on Thanksgiving….

November 22, 2007

…I’m always thinking about my sister, and how we should be together at one of our houses, cooking up a storm — but instead, we’re a thousand miles apart, at other peoples’ houses. Sooooo sad.

Love you, sis — hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!


let’s get cooking!

November 21, 2007

I realized today that if we go to Mass as planned tomorrow morning (9:00 a.m.) then I most certainly won’t have time to make rolls, pie, and stuffing before landing at the ILs’ house at noon. (That van sure would come in handy this week…I’m not so sure how I’m going to fit my whole family, rolls, pie and stuffing, and all of our folding chairs into one of our wee vehicles. Wish me luck.)

So instead of thinking up something interesting to blog about this evening, I’m off to make pie and rolls while catching up on a slew of DVRed television. hoorah! (And then I get to clean the kitchen for the eleventy billionth time this week.  Boooo.)


I have been chosen!

November 20, 2007

Woo hoo!!

Dodge is doing this sort of word of mouth promotion thing where they give 50 moms in my area a 2008 Caravan to drive for a week. And I just got chosen! How flippin’ cool is that!!? They’re bringing it to my house next week!

I think that WOM marketing is so cool…I mean, really, of course I’m going to yap about the van, and blog about it, because it’s got all the geeky bells and whistles. My kids and I just watched the all-about-the-Caravan video at the Dodge site and they are beyond thrilled, already planning what board games they’re going to play on the way to school, LOL. 😉


interesting article

November 19, 2007

Last Sunday there was an article in the paper about a high school for pregnant and parenting teens. Which, for the record, I think is a really cool idea — I’m all for girls being in a nurturing, understanding environment when they’re facing such a life-altering situation. Seems like a great place, with really caring administrators.  But this quote really made me shake my head…

They are mystified why, in 2007, “with all the access to shots and patches,” birth control information is just not reaching them. They lament the coarseness of the culture….

…”but we have to keep at it…we can’t give up. If we keep saying the same thing over and over — and it comes from different voices — maybe they’ll eventually get the message.”

Dude. Do you think that they’ll ever figure out that perhaps it’s not the method, but the message they’re trying to get across that might be the issue?

Call me crazy, but I don’t think that actively discouraging 11-year-olds (or even 12-16 year olds, for that matter) from having sex is a bad thing. In fact I think we owe it to them, for the sake of their spirits, their bodies, their whole selves. The freaking lame excuses (“they’re going to do it anyway!”) break my heart.

My kids would eat twinkies all day long if they had their own way, too — that doesn’t mean I’m going to just sit by and leave toothpaste and toothbrushes out on the counter next to the case of twinkies, and hope they’ll use them and maybe decide to grab an apple from the fridge, all the while lamenting the fact that their teeth are rotting out of their heads, shaking my head and saying, “well, they’re going to do it anyway…” under my breath. That would be a load of crap.

Sure, they’re going to want to do certain things, but it’s my job as a parent to teach them about pleasure vs. consequence. Physical, spiritual, emotional. Then send them out into this dumb culture that wants to convince them that anything that tastes good, feels good, looks good, or even seems good is worth having or doing or being….and anyone who tells you otherwise is out of touch, archaic, and wants to repress you.



yes, I have failed

November 18, 2007

I briefly considered backdating a post this morning when I realized that I didn’t post yesterday…but ah well, why bother. I never did officially register for NaBloPoMo, because my browser rebelled (??) and refused to allow it.

We ran into a friend at church yesterday evening and invited him for dinner — homemade pizza, yum! He was over late and I fell into bed without giving the blog a thought. Note to self: post earlier in the day in case stuff like that happens.

I have a positively scintillating post brewing about words that irritate me…but I’ll save it for another day. A wild week of school-free kids awaits me! I need my rest!