how to pick???!

October 26, 2007

First, is it okay to link to other people’s flickr photos? I’ve seen other bloggers do it, but I’m not completely sure what the etiquette is….so If I’ve linked your photo here and you’re ticked, please accept my apologies. Now, on with the post….

I have to make Halloween cupcakes today! I’m not even going to start on how hard that’s going to be because I can’t snitch at any point in the process…no licking fingers, no ma’am.

So I went to my favorite source of cupcake inspiration: flickr. Wow, so many cool ones to choose from! There were these:

and these…I’m liking the skull one:

but wait, these are cool and look very easy…

Holy crap, these ones took the cake though……

Have you ever seen a cooler cuter ghosty little cupcake???!! Not that I’m even considering making them.. I just fell in luuuurve with them.

So…skulls, graves, or mummies?



  1. I think you can TOTALLY make the ghosts. But my next choice would be the mummies- unless you were pressed for time in which case the graves would be easiest.

  2. I like the ghost ones the best, but they all look great!! I want to see pics when you are done!

  3. Julie, thanks for doing the legwork on this…I’ll just copy you and make the grave cupcakes! 😛 They are cute, but even better…easy.

    Jodi–I haven’t forgotten about getting together, but i’ve become swamped with holiday soap shows and it’s crazy around here for the next 2 weeks. When the insanity stops, let’s get the kids playing so we can chat some more!

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