October 27, 2008

Outside My Window… freezing rain

I am thinking…can I make it through the day without going to Target?

I am thankful for…having everything I need

From the kitchen…pumpkin snickerdoodle bars

I am wearing…my work clothes…haven’t had a chance to change yet

I am creating…Christmas presents, as soon as I drag the sewing machine out

I am going…to pick up the girlies at school

I am reading…People magazine

I am hoping…that neither car breaks this month

I am hearing…almost-silence (faint chainsaw noise in the neighborhood)

Around the house…I need to sort and fold the laundry, and make pico de gallo for taco night.

One of my favorite things…hugs from the girlies. there’s nothing like ’em.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:work, ballet, soccer, baking lots of cupcakes…

Here is picture thought I am sharing…


Primitive Antique Ring Holder FIND

October 15, 2008

There is a local Flea Market (indoor antique mall) on the way to my kids’ school.  I had about 20 minutes to kill yesterday, so I wandered in and around the 100 plus booths in this place.  I was nearly tearing myself away from the kitch when I saw this treasure.  Being a jadeite collector, my eye is always drawn to shades of green – and this little guy drew me in.  It is a wooden coffee pot ring holder.  On it reads:

“Let me hold your rings for you while dishes or washing you do”

It’s clearly been used.  The paint is chipping and there are water spots on it – scars from many years of living on the counter next to the kitchen sink.

When I took it to the checker, I said, “I’ve never seen anything like this before.”  Upon closer examination, she said SHE had never seen anything like it either.  I thought that was extraordinary for an antique purveyor to also not have seen an item like this before.   So, I came home, eager to jump on ebay and do some research on my new little treasure.  I have searched and googled and searched again – and found nothing else like this, nothing with the quote on it, NOTHING!  Can you believe it?  Well – I should say that I spent $6.50 for this ring holder and will most likely actually use it because we don’t have a dishwasher (as I’m sure it’s original owner didn’t either).  If YOU have any information on my little treasure, please leave a comment here.  I’d love to learn more about these.


Popcorn Shop

September 26, 2008

Popcorn Shop

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Mmmmmm – falling leaves, commuter trains going by, and the smell of The Popcorn Shop.   Nothin’ like it!!!

This is in downtown Wheaton, IL – where we grew up.  This place is (was?) in the Guinnesss Book of World Records as the smallest shop.  It was an alley that they made into a penny candy shop.  This is where I first met Swedish Fish.   You go in there, fill up a little white lunch sack with candy – and take it to the worker toward the back.  They’d pour your candy out and count it up.  They also made the popcorn in the back of the shop – the whitest yummiest popcorn ever – made in a big kettles.

We always stopped here on our way to the Wheaton Theater around the corner.


Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday Dear Julie, Happy Birthday To You!

September 21, 2008

It’s Julie’s birthday everyone!  In her honor, I’ve scrounged up a few snaps (my new favorite brittish word).

I love Julie’s face in this pic.  I also love how she’s COA.  You know how some people shrink from attention on their birthday?  Not us!

Attention – check

Presents – check

Cake – check!

Here’s two great pair of sisters (and a really cool brother).  Mom holding wee baby Julie, Bruce holding me (jodi) and Auntie M holding baby Andy.



September 17, 2008

If you go to Matt Harding’s Site you can read about how this video (and several others) came to be.  He’s NOT photoshopped into these places. . . It gives me warm fuzzies all over. . .  2:38 is my fave.


Patriots Day

September 11, 2008

First off – a very happy birthday to all who were born on this date – no matter the year – including my favorite dutch twins – Heidi and Tanya!

I remember journaling after 9/11/01. I don’t remember how much I cried – but of course I was profoundly affected.

Since then, I haven’t had much emotion about that day. My mouth still drops when I see the towers crumble in replay. Hearing stories of loved-ones lost makes me sad, but I don’t think I’ve cried about it until today.

Channel 4 news showed a tribute that Denver area firefighters did today. Over 300 metro area fire fighters climbed 110 flights of stairs in a Denver high-rise in honor of the firefighters and police that gave their lives in service at ground zero. For some reason this just got to me. When I think of the stairwells of the Twin Towers and how they were filled with raw confusion and chaos – it makes me so sad. Our civil servants tried all they could to keep people calm, take care of the injured and bring people down to safety.

Why? Why should we honor them? Because they are everything that is RIGHT about this country. They gave EVERYTHING for us. Those smoke-filled stairwells became the resting place of many.

We need to remember – – – so that we never forget.


Face Food

September 8, 2008

My sis and I talk a lot about food here. . . and our children. . . and how we’d like them to eat healthier foods.  Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about Tony – Tony the Tiger.  Don’t most of the foods that your kids love have a face to them?  Toucan Sam, Snap Crackle and Pop, Captain Crunch, etc?  They/we love little characters that kind of tell us what our experience will be with a food.  It’s genius.  Enter CUTIES:

My kids LOVE Cuties.  And no, they do not call them clementines, or oranges – they call them Cuties.  I’d love to see more of this type of marketing of whole foods (not the grocery chain – the actual foods).

My other new favorite is Stach from Everybody’s Nuts.  Their Salt and Pepper pistachios are to DIE for – and they’ve got the cutest little spokesnut.  My son is allergic to pistachios – and my daughter likes to suck on the shells but not eat the inside. . . so my theory isn’t totally working, but I think I’m on to something.