Popcorn Shop

September 26, 2008

Popcorn Shop

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Mmmmmm – falling leaves, commuter trains going by, and the smell of The Popcorn Shop.   Nothin’ like it!!!

This is in downtown Wheaton, IL – where we grew up.  This place is (was?) in the Guinnesss Book of World Records as the smallest shop.  It was an alley that they made into a penny candy shop.  This is where I first met Swedish Fish.   You go in there, fill up a little white lunch sack with candy – and take it to the worker toward the back.  They’d pour your candy out and count it up.  They also made the popcorn in the back of the shop – the whitest yummiest popcorn ever – made in a big kettles.

We always stopped here on our way to the Wheaton Theater around the corner.



  1. It’s still just as magical…though the prices have totally gone up. 😉 I’m always amazed by how the workers know the price of every candy.

  2. I love that place to… but the only thing I don’t like is on crowded summer days when there is about ninety kids in there and you have to wedge yourself sideways to get back out after you pay for your candy! Thats gotta be some sort of fire hazard, yeah!
    BTW, wasn’t there also a secret little pizza shop somewhere in Wheaton, too… like, you had to go down an alley to get to it? I remember eating there with my brother, but whenver I’ve tried to find it, I never can remember where it was!

  3. Why yes, there WAS a secret pizza place — Marshall’s Pizza. But it moved, and now it’s gone. So, so, so sad, as they had the best pizza. Our fave was their corned beef & cabbage pizza for St. Patrick’s day — I know it sounds really, really gross, but trust me, it was so freakin’ amazing. It was our mission to make people try it, especially those who were the loudest about how gross it sounded. And they all loved it. 🙂

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