Hello Kitty Cupcakes

August 28, 2008

A friend of mine’s daughter Allie was having a Hello Kitty Birthday. Allie requested cupcakes – but mom didn’t really have time to make them – so I did! Here are the supplies needed:

yellow and black jelly bellies (bought loose at Target)
chocolate jimmies
pastel candies for bow center (Michaels)
mini marshmallows
pink and white frosting

If you cut mini-marshmallows on a diagonal – they make the perfect shaped ears (for kitties, bunnies, pigs).

I didn’t use any piping bags or anything – just a spatula to put white frosting on.  I actually had a tube of pink frosting – that I used to put two dots by one ear – for a bow and put a pink candy in the center.  My kids helped by pulling out the longest of the chocolate jimmies for whiskers – wow – thanks kids!

If I’d baked these – in my egg mold – I may have gotten the more oval HK shape.  Space the black eyes as far apart as possible – to make it look more hello kitty-ish.

The finished product.  Lots of happy 5 year olds ate these (even the black jelly bellies).



  1. No comments? I’m feeling a little lonely. . .

  2. You rock! SO did you make a 2nd batch? 😉

  3. I DID make a second batch. These really aren’t hard so it wasn’t a big deal – but still.

    Background – I got mixed up on the party date – and made them a week early – and was nearly on my way to deliver them – when I was told the party was NEXT week. I froze half of them – gave away the other half. They froze just fine – frosting and all.

    Oh – AND – don’t use extra paper liners like I did – as they’re very susceptable to BURNING when you place candles on the cupcakes (true story)!!!

  4. A) what a rockstar friend you are, to make these cupcakes.


    C) Good tip about the liners. 😐

  5. What a rockstar you really are! I’ve been looking everywhere for how to make the ears and whiskers…never thought of marshmallows and chocolate jimmies! Thanks SO much…this will be so much easier now!

  6. how did you keep the marshmallow ears on?

    • I just pushed the ears right in to the frosting. Fun!

  7. These are AWESOME!

  8. hello i was googling for hk cupcakes and came across your blog- this is perfect!! thank you for a great idea 🙂

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