Headband Storage Solution

August 18, 2008

The Problem:

The Solution:

As you can see – we desperately needed a vehicle to organize my daughter’s headbands.  I kept thinking about the displays they have at places like Claire’s – and how could I get one or make my own?  Then it hit me.  I need a tall cylinder. . . and I work at Costco.  So do you recognize it?  It’s the container from the Pub Mix – found at your local Costco in the chip isle.  Once the container was empty (the mix is yummy) I took the label off – washed it out – and voila! – instant headband holder.  You could also fill it with ribbons and such.  The bottom headband has to be on there kind of tight – but most of the headbands are pretty snug on the cylinder – they’re not stretched out at all.  Give it a try!!!



  1. I – HEART – Google! I cant tell you how nuts I have been over this. I have headbands everywhere and am trying shoeboxs, thinking of stringing wires, my husbands ready to get blocks of wood from Home Depot… And then today I finally thought – I wonder what other people do? Ta DA!!!! (or Viola but frankly, I think I spelled the musical instrument!) Regardless, I am Ssooooo getting some pub mix!!! thank you!!!! So cute!

  2. Hey Debbe! Thanks for your nice comments. A ribbon around the top would look cute too. . . I just haven’t had the time. We’re glad you found us and helped you with a solution!

  3. My savior! Thank you! I’m off to Costco!

  4. ABSOLUTELY GENIUS! I’m so glad I stumbled upon this, because I was thinking about using an Oatmeal Container, but I’m sure the Pub Mix Container is taller & would allow more room for more headbands! : ))

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