This one’s for you, Lisa…

July 26, 2008

…and not only to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

(It’s my best friend’s birthday. And she’s been asking if I ever plan on posting again. So here we are…killing two birds with one stone!)

For those of you not fortunate enough to know my Pal, she’s the most fab Pal a girl could wish for — it might sound cliche, but she’s the real thing — true blue, always cheering me on, loving me and my kids, always there when I need her, yada yada…as well as being the perfect person to hang out with and talk about both everything and nothing.

A few years ago, I made her a scrapbook for her birthday, chronicling our friendship since we met in junior high school. (It was the only scrapbook I’ve ever finished, or even added more than two pages to, for that matter.) It was one of those gifts I don’t think I’ll ever top…unless I win the lotto, in which case I’ve got QUITE a plan for her 40th. 😉 This year there will just be a regular present and this moving tribute on my blog. (Are you wiping away tears yet? lol)

Happy birthday, Pal, I am so glad that you were born, and so grateful that God allowed our lives to intersect. I can’t imagine the gaping hole there would be in my life sans your friendship!

Also? I made those zucchini cakes and totally thought of you. While they are not spectacular, they are good and I wish you were here to have one with me. 🙂


One comment

  1. Wow…what can I say? I am totally humbled and feel so unworthy of your praise. All I know is that I am deeply grateful for the gift of journeying alongside you in life…you are an incredible woman who I stand in awe of. You have the biggest heart and your love overflows in all that you so naturally give to others. You never cease to amaze me how you use the multitude of talent and brilliance that God dumped into you to serve others and make the world a better place! My life is so much brighter because of your faithful love and friendship these past 27 years!! Thank you pal for the bd tribute!

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