in which I eschew all things disposable

June 30, 2008

Well, not all of them. A bunch though.

It started when we painted the dining room. We ran out of paper towels and I was too lazy to go to the basement to get more. I thought to myself, hm…can I function without paper towels? I do love them so. But I found out that I could. I turned one of my husband’s old shirts into nineteen rags and I haven’t looked back. Now, whenI have spare fabric, I think…rags! Like from a sewing project last week:

Three girls’ tank tops and three men’s XXL t-shirts yielded three nightgowns and a stack of new rags.

I’d also been thinking about using cloth napkins instead of paper, as my kids always grab a paper napkin, don’t use it, then throw it in the trash. Kind of dumb. Switching to cloth (I found a slew at the Crate & Barrel outlet that match the new dining room colors perfectly!!) was completely painless. Go us.

Then I got to thinking about my daughter’s 5th birthday, and how we’d need to have a party and all that. One thing I absolutely cringe over is goody bags — it kills me that they’re now the norm, and they’re usually full of candy and small crappy plastic toys. I really, really wanted to find something to put in ours that wasn’t disposable.

Enter Randi and her fab tutorial

I decided to make aprons, and put them in felt bags with butterfly cookie cutters and decorated butterfly cookies. I found the cutest butterfly fabric on clearance…it was such a good deal that I splurged on the ruffled trim. After making a prototype for the birthday girl, I decided that that much gathering would send me over the edge. I spent about 2.5 hours today sewing, and I have everything done except the bottom ruffle on 5 out of 6 aprons. Tomorrow: felt bags. I got a great book a few weeks ago that has fab instructions. If I have time I’d like to make hair clips too, but I’m not going to kill myself trying to get it all done…

So, as a parent, would you appreciate getting a non-disposable goody bag? Or would you ust think, “rats, I can’t throw this away without feeling really guilty!”



  1. You are amazing – and an overachiever. Apron – adorable – and enough. Butterfly cookies and cutter – teensy over the edge – hair clips – WAY over. You don’t need to kill yourself (but I know you will – as I am the kettle). The girls will love whatever you do – and no – wouldn’t miss the stuff.

  2. Really? Cookies are over the edge? LOL, you can tell my perspective is tainted by kids who expect there to be 58675497 things in a goody bag. 😉 No hair clips, though — I’m channeling that energy toward a felt “Happy Birthday” banner that I can re-use every year.

  3. You rock! I’m lovin’ the aprons!

    I cut an old sheet into rags and loved having them around! Then I loved it so much, instead of pitching an old t-shirt that had holes in it, I cut it into rags too. My husband laughed at me, but seriously, I am addicted!

  4. I would love to get a goody bag like that- I seriously deplore the **** they usually get. Really, carppy plastic toys and candy, no thanks. Also, cloth napkins- we’ve been rocking that for years and can’t see going back. We do use some paper towels, but a roll lasts us a month at least.

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