I fell to temptation

March 30, 2008


…because what I really, really need is another time-sucking web site to visit.


Right, Carrie? 😉



  1. You’ve caught me! I thought I’d check your blog quick before I play Home Before Dark. It’s up and ready to go right now. Um, hmmm… yes, let’s jsut pretend we’re both perfectly normal. (BTW, hubby is addicted as well… he was literally one inch away from winning the trophy yesterday on the Frogger-look-alike game. He was so P.O.’ed when a bird flew into him!)

    I do love your new little guy (or girl?). He/she is adorable!!!!

    PS We got a new kitten for Easter. She’s one of the tiny ones. She looks miniscule in her room.

  2. haha, my bear is tiny too — so cute when they go to sleep!!

  3. So fuzzy!

    Hey, I just got back from Vacation…what’s going on with the board? Is it totally kaput? I’m freaking out!

  4. What does this little bear mean?

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