and so it begins…

February 3, 2008


My seven year old completely FLIPS over holidays. To preserve my sanity, I put little guidelines in place — like, no Christmas cards before December first, no Valentines before February first, etc.  Otherwise, my entire house is overrun with piles of cards and crafts and other holiday paraphernalia, months before the actual holiday. And by the time the holiday rolls around, it’s all either buried under other crafts, or scattered throughout the house and when it comes time to use them or send them to school, I have to spend two hours tracking them all down.

Two weeks is doable….and of course, at o’dark thirty on Friday morning, my four year old bounded into my room, saying that her sister insisted it was time to start writing out valentines.  She keeps me on my toes, that one….



  1. darble

  2. She’s a girl after my own heart! Totally darble!

  3. Hey, I need a holiday planner to keep me in line – send her over!

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