I made this.

January 28, 2008


Seriously. That’s Danish pastry, made from scratch, following the lovely, painstaking instructions found in Baking with Julia. In light of my recent culinary failures, it seemed a little foolish to take on a project of this magnitude, but I forged ahead. Made the dough, chilled it for several days, rolled it out and folded it up and re-rolled it 46587689 times, then chilled it some more.

I made a great little batch of berry goo with a bag of mixed berries I found in the freezer. They must be very old, but it didn’t make a difference — the berry goo ROCKS. The only problem I had was with the confectioner’s cream — there weren’t regular stovetop instructions, only microwave ones. Which are trouble in my house because A. the microwave is for heating things up, not for cooking; and B. our microwave is freakishly powerful, so following instructions for other people’s normal microwaves doesn’t usually end well. So I ruined one batch before getting it right…but it was oh, so right. Mmmmmm.

They were a ton of work, but they’re flaky, berry-gooey, creamy yummy perfection. And my picky four-year-old doesn’t like them. You know what that means….more for me.

(Just kidding, really, I only had one this morning! And I did Pilates right away to assuage the guilt.)



  1. Will you come over with some of those?! Pretty please?!

    I was just bemoaning the fact that I have NO great pastry stores around me. This just rubs salt in my hungry wound!

    They look delish!

  2. WOW!!

  3. Julie, you never fail to impress me. You should seriously win an award for trying new things with your food. You are so brave and persistant, and your creations look so beautiful and tasty. You are my food-hero!

  4. […] on my high from my first successful attempt at making Danish pastry, I whipped up another batch. Actually, I whipped up a half batch, but with the whole amount of […]

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