It’s still Thursday

January 3, 2008

So I can do a Thursday Thirteen! But first, if you haven’t done so already, go to the post below and wish Jodi a happy belated birthday!

Thirteen very random things:

  1. Our kids’ Christmas lists were made up of toys that were not made in China, as a general rule. We’re tired of their toys being recalled. This was a lot easier to take than it seemed it would be initially. And you know what? The gifts they got are all so cool and creative…they didn’t even watch to ask TV for three days after Christmas, ’cause they were too busy playing.
  2. My sister just turned 40. That means this year I’ll be 39. Um, that’s strange.
  3. Today I made Jodi’s beef stroganoff. Half because it’s so freakin’ yummy,and half because it makes the house smell soooo good. Like heaven. Yum.
  4. I’ve been playing entirely too much JezzBall lately. Remember JezzBall? So addicting. I got to level 26 last night.
  5. If you make banana bread batter, then add oats and chocolate chips until it looks like cookie dough, the resulting cookies are out of this world.
  6. As always, we made resolutions together as a family on New Year’s Day. We make a list of things we’d like to learn, places we’d like to go, habits we’d like to form and break — stuff like that. It’s January 3rd and I’ve already forgotten all but two of mine.
  7. I sent the first half of our Christmas cards on Monday. God willing, the other half will go out tomorrow…but I am struggling because at this late date, I feel as though there should be some kind of note or little letter saying what we’re up to…not just a card, even if it is cute and hand-signed by all the members of our family.
  8. One of my husband’s vendors brought him a lottery ticket today. How sad is it that as I look at it sitting here on the desk, I’m thinking, dude, that’s the only way we’ll ever own a house with more than one bathroom, unless we move to the middle of nowhere.
  9. I stayed up until 3 a.m. on New Year’s Eve. We had just settled into bed and were drifting off when we heard the telltale sound of a mouse stuck in a glue trap. Ew, ew, ew. (I did buy a new sonic pest thingy the very next day, and there is no further evidence of mouse in the house, forever and ever amen.)
  10. There are about five blogs that I love to death but I never comment on because of the stupid google account sign-in being wonky. I mean, really — how hard can it be for google to figure out that I am in fact already signed in to my account? As evidenced by gmail, open in another tab? Drives me nuts.
  11. I’m stuck on a weight loss plateau. I’ve lost five pounds but can go no further. But I can’t complain or people get that “omg, she totally has an eating disorder” look in their eyes. I assure, you, I do not. And though I know I hide it well, I think the fact that my hip and waist measurements are freaking identical speaks well to the fact that I’m carrying quite a few extra pounds in a place that not only looks awful, but is quite unhealthy. If I could lose two more, I would be really motivated to keep going. But after three weeks of no progress, the cookies on my counter are looking better and better.
  12. My car is totally wonkified in the cold. If I roll my window down, it will not roll back up without major coaxing. And my parking brake pops back up when I put it down. Not like it actually engages, but the light goes on. Weird.
  13. If I go to bed with socks on, I wake up in the middle of the night because they are bugging me. That’s about the only thing on earth, other than a four year old climbing into bed with me, that will wake me in the middle of the night. The sensation of socks on in bed makes me crazy. But you know what…it’s not going to stop me from going to bed with socks on tonight…’cause it’s DANG cold.

Enough rambling! Good night!



  1. So did the mouse scream? ew

    Just say no to socks in bed.

    Mmmmmm stroganoff. . .

    IKUKTB (i know you know this but. . .) God is bigger than the lottery!

  2. Hey, this was a fun TT!

    I think I’m going to try the banana bread batter cooke mix idea! Sounds delicious!!

    I’m with you on the lottery ticket thing. Poo.

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