Tea Cookies

December 21, 2007

My church throws a Ladies Tea at Christmas every year. I joined the Tea Committee four years ago – hoping I could use my baking skills. Lo and behold, they needed me! Every year we do a platter of cookies – each carefully chosen for flavor and presentation. Every woman gets one of each cookie/sandwich.

For five years now, I’ve had the job of making the cutout cookies and decorating them – all 400 of them. This year was an advent theme so we made wreath cookies. I say we because this year – I feared I may not have time to do the cookies – so my idol, Rhoda, baked the wreath cookies for me and I decorated them.


We couldn’t find an acceptable wreath cookie cutter – so we used a Linzer cookie cutter with the circle in the middle. Looks wreathish no?

After icing about 50 by hand with a royal icing tinted green, my husband asked if it wouldn’t be easier to just dip them. Dip them? Wow. So my second batch of icing I made a little thinner and dipped them as you would a doughnut – with one finger inside the circle and one outside – I gently removed excess icing by sliding the cookie just above the container edge before turning it over on the tray. DH saved me HOURS of icing – and they turned out perfectly.


While the green icing was still wet (I’d dip 6 in a row) I added four white dots of icing around the wreath. Then, working left to right I ran a toothpick around the circle leaving hearts in their wake.


The bows were a different story. They gave me fits. I dreamed of using a leaf tip and getting a nice big puffy bow of red icing. That did NOT happen. After trying about 20 different tips and consistencies of icing, I gave up and went with my tried and true shoestring type bow with a silver dragee in the center. We jazzed them up with some pearl Luster Dust and a very soft fluffy paint brush. You can see a bit of blurred shimmer in the above pic.

Hope these inspire you to make something beautiful!!!



  1. These are amazing! The hearts take them to the next level! Nice job on the bows…everything…really, I couldn’t eat these at all. 🙂 They’re just too pretty!

  2. Why thank you! I’ve saved a few to shallack and hang on my Christmas tree. . .

  3. I am so beyond impressed. Do you know what would happen if I tried to dip cookies?? Well, probably the same thing that happened to my truffles and let me tell you, so not pretty! But yours are gorgeous!

  4. ooooh, they turned out beautiful!

  5. those are perfect!!

  6. That. Is. Amazing. I exalt you. 😀

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