sometimes my mind wanders…

November 25, 2007

Do you have any silly pipe dreams?

Mine is particularly silly because it would require my sister to move back to the state where we were born…something that’s not likely to happen. But I think about it from time to time and have the plan all fleshed out in my mind….

We grew up in a college town, and the college would like to buy the house we grew up in. Not too likely as our mother is firmly entrenched there, but if they made her a decent offer she might consider selling. They’ve never made a decent offer though…the last one was downright insulting, as a matter of fact.

So the house is willed to us, and perhaps someday we’ll have to deal with said stingy college. And if they don’t make us a non-insulting offer, I think we should rehab the house and make it into a coffee shop. I have the floor plan all figured out, the menu partially planned, even a few special promotions in mind so that ours is the coolest coffeehouse in town, and everyone will of course want to hang out there.

But, um, yeah. Pipe dream. 😉



  1. Kind of like the old Stupe…but even better? I would so hang out there and work it in my spare time 🙂 Our girls could hang out at a table and play cards!! Sadie played cards well on Thanksgiving…and I see improvement since she only had one tantrum during 9 hands when someone got a joker and she didn’t!! (It used to be a tantrum per hand.)

  2. that would be cool

  3. Those kinds of dreams are the most fun to dream!

  4. That sounds great!

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