I do plan on reading it myself,

November 12, 2007

…but off the top of your head, can anyone think of a good reason my first grader *shouldn’t* read the first Harry Potter book? Content-wise, do I have anything to worry about — as in, is it age-appropriate? (I’m looking at you, Jodi. Also? Please answer my e-mail!)  😉


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  1. Well sis – this is a tough question. Most of the population read the first book so long ago that they really have a hard time differentiating what happened in the first book among the seven. It’s a bit fresh for me so I’ll just throw out the first thought that comes to mind. I’m going to say no. Now, I’m not totally against you reading it aloud to her – because you could soften portions as needed. There are two things that make me say this. . . One is the way Harry Potter is treated in the beginning. They spend A LOT of time noting how horrible his life was living with his aunt and uncle – before finding out he is a wizard. It’s quite effective in making you route for him like you’ve never routed for any sports team in your life. I’m not sure how reading how bad it was for Harry would effect innocence.

    Then he’s introduced to this fabulous world that any adult or child can easily adore. It’s a fabulous story.

    So, the second thing would be – there are all kinds of twists, turns, spells, dilemmas, rule-breaking (for the common good), suspense etc, that keep you REELING throughout the book. I just think it’s a bit too much for a seven year old.

    But, even if you think your seven year old is mature enough to handle the first book – which could well be, she will not want to stop there – she will want to go on to two, three, four and so on. I just think it’s too early to head down that road. The books get darker and darker as they go on.

    Read them first and decide for yourself.

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