for what it’s worth

November 8, 2007

I’m totally behind the WGA. Now that word is hitting the streets about what shows will or will not continue to air, what’s going to be postponed or scrapped, a lot of ordinary people seem to be rethinking their positions, sort of like, “yeah! stick it to the man! ……………..oh, unless it interferes with 24, in which case, everyone should just get back to work!” Lame.

I’ve really been enjoying reading what Karen Hall has to say about it all — I mean, I always enjoy reading her blog, and am bummed that she suddenly has so much time to blog and all. In a crazy Internet-stalker sort of way, I kind of feel like this is all happening to someone I know. 😉

(I had to laugh at this post, because if I was suddenly at home by myself during the day, pitching the toys my kids have long ago forgotten would be near the top of my list. Hee.)


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