November 5, 2007

Our Internet connection has been healed, just in time! I might have had to go pilfer someone’s wireless signal in order to keep up the posting every day. But that would have involved digging out my ancient laptop, charging it, and messing with the wireless card. Whew…I’m a bit too lazy for that.

It’s hilarious how dependent we are in the Internet and how cranky it made all of us, even the little ones, to have a spotty connection for three days. Overheard this morning:

7yo, irritated that she can’t check weather.com: “MMMUUUUUMMMMAAAHHH!! I just want to go KICK THOSE WIRES, I am so FRUSTRATED!”

Me: Um, maybe you could go walk out onto the porch?


One comment

  1. Yay!!!! Glad you’re back on 🙂

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