I would have used this for wordless wednesday

November 1, 2007


…if I wasn’t so completely fried after trick-or-treating. To top things off I had to work on a time-sensitive freelance project into the wee hours. It’s a good thing I did, because my Internet connection is WHACKED today.

So, what I really wanted to post about was Halloween. And how completely evil it is.

Hahaha, I don’t mean it like that. We do celebrate Halloween and while I was never a huge fan of it (except the candy part), I do have to say it’s growing on me. Jenn pointed out a few years ago that Halloween is great because it’s one of the only holidays with big fun celebrations that’s not also a family holiday where you’re obligated to be places and do things with your family. Not that there’s anything wrong with family holidays — love those! — but it’s cool to have one that you can spend with your friends!

When I said that Halloween was evil, I was talking about the candy. Back in the day, I could scarf down a whole bag of candy and not gain an ounce. But now that I can’t, and I’m trying to lose some very stubborn pounds that have settled on my gut, candy is my nemesis. My tasty, tasty nemesis. *sigh*

Earlier this week, through some random blog-hopping I found this site, which I found so refreshing. The mission statement (bottom of the linked page) is fab. That’s not to say that I’m in love with all things Halloween-related. I get pretty ticked when people have gory decorations in their yards — my four year old really doesn’t need to be looking at hanging headless bloody corpses, and it’s really challenging to protect her from gore like that when it’s out in plain view when we’re driving to preschool.

But the spooky stuff? Like the people a block over from us who “haunted” the woods next to their house and put signs at the end of the block inviting people to come through? Minimal scare during daylight hours for the little ones, maximum scare after dark for the big kids. Now that was fun.



  1. this costume is so cute!

    and the little one inside the costume is cuter!

  2. Why in the world did this post get 70 views in one day???

  3. LOL — how random — it was linked on this page:

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