Thursday Thirteen!

September 27, 2007

This one’s been brewing in my head ever since Carrie‘s “13 vivid memories” post…

Thirteen songs that carry vivid memories for me:

1. The Sting theme: my mom gave 40 piano lessons a week in our house for a period of my childhood. And everyone played The Sting. It was all the rage. Muffled strains of it would greet me as I walked up the driveway after school.

2. The first song I ever wrote: I believe I was about 6 or 7 when I wrote it. I remember it all and no, I won’t tell you the words, because it’s soooo cheesy and embarrassing. I remember sitting under a tree across the street from our house and singing it to myself.

3. Feast of Lights: this was a Hannukah song we sang in grade school choir, the song that totally hooked me on singing.

4. Listen what the Man Said: It was hard to choose between this and Silly Love Songs…there was a lot of Paul McCartney at the pool, back in the days when they were still allowed to pipe WLS-AM over the intercom while we were swimming away our summer days.

5. You Can Close Your Eyes: Ahhhh, Sweet Baby James. This is the song that, no matter where I am, says to me, “lie on the floor and chill, we’ve made it, it’s going to be a great weekend!” I can feel it in my bones.

6. O Magnum Mysterium: Hearing this takes me back to college, the day I found out my audition for the chamber singers was successful. I had never heard them sing, I totally auditioned blind — and when I sat and listened to them sing Palestrina I was blown away that I (me!) was considered good enough to sing with them. My years doing so were amazing and challenging, and I’m still honored that i got to be a part of it all.

7. If I’m Drowning: I hear this song, and I’m thrown back to a dusty road outside Bushnell, Illinois in the summer of 1991, where we popped in the Cornerstone tape for the ride home and about thirty seconds into this song by an unknown band, we realized we’d probably missed one of the best shows. I was kicking myself. I’m still kicking myself. But I’ve seen Over the Rhine live many times since…so it’s all good.

8. Tempted: Fast forward a few years — Over the Rhine is opening for Squeeze and I got free tickets for passing out flyers. I’m in the bathroom and I hear the strains of Tempted begin so I hightail it back to the floor, where DH is waiting. Except he’s not my DH yet — we’re on our second date. And as I slide in next to him, he takes my hand. *swoon*

9. Thanksgiving (Poi Dog Pondering): …our first dance at our wedding. That one’s a shoo-in. 😉

10. Angry Words (Willy Porter): I listened to this song approximately nineteen thousand times while playing Nintendo golf on the floor of our newlywed apartment. Great song.

11. Titanic theme: This is my favorite soundtrack of all time, and the vivid memory attached is sitting in the theater watching the trailer for Titanic, knowing instantly that I must see the movie because the music was so incredible. Though I loved the movie too, I was more interested in the release date for the soundtrack. It’s so stunning.

12. You are Mine: All the David Haas haters can bite me — this song has a special place in my heart, always has. It was the first song I sang to my firstborn, all sweet and fresh from God. Poor kid, she didn’t get many other songs for the next six weeks or so, I was so whacked out. But she got this one, right after she was born.

13. Remember Me: Mark Schultz’s self titled album was released two years prior, but for some reason this song was all over the radio the summer I lost our second child. It took about a year before I could hear it without getting really choked up. It’s all wrapped up in the memory of singing for the Mass of Holy Innocents, three months after our loss, the morning I learned I was pregnant again.

And those are just scratching the surface….


One comment

  1. Hey, what a great list! I enjoyed reading it. Now I have a couple of your songs stuck in my head. 😛 hehe

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