I haven’t posted about the garden

September 17, 2007

…because I don’t want to gloat. Not that my garden is super fab or anything, but I’m still so bummed for Jodi and the whole bindweed fiasco. Sigh.

But…we have squash!


And luckily, the frost we were supposed to get on Friday night never materialized. So my peppers aren’t dead yet. We’ve had a lot of Gypsy peppers, a decent amount of jalapenos, and exactly two green bell peppers. The plants keep fruiting (is that what it’s called, even??) and then the teeeeny tiny peppers fall right off. My (very hip! very now!) friend the organic farmer tells me this might be due to some kind of bug. Oh well…I’m just glad that everything didn’t die. (And that I don’t have bindweed in my yard. Sorry Sis. 😦 )

Dang critters dug up my lettuce last night though. Grrr.



  1. Hooray for the squash! I am jealous of you and your peppers. I hate squash and I have squash. I love peppers and I have no peppers. I am already planning for next year…

  2. Carrie, I totally though of you today when I caught Everyday Italian…Giada made zucchini that was breaded with this yummy parmesan/bread crumb mix and deep fried. How could you not like something deep fried in bready-parmesan goodness?? 😉

  3. Hey sis. You don’t need to feel bad about your success! I’d love to hear/see more about the garden. I’ll figure SOMETHING out for next year. Meanwhile – I’ve got my cool crunchy CSA! The squash are GORGEOUS!

  4. Hi Julie!

    Wandering through blogs I found yours! I’ve missed you. Nice squash!!! How are the girls? My “baby” started Kindergarten two weeks ago!!! Just wanted to post to say hi!!


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