random thoughts on picking up and moving across the country

September 14, 2007

No, we’re not moving. We’re actually only dipping our toes into the vast ocean that is Thinking About Moving. But I’m not going to lie, it’s at the forefront of my mind 24/7.

It’s not really “across the country” either. A mere 500 miles. But you know, the in-laws can’t exactly come over and watch the kiddos so we can go on a date if we’re 500 miles away…so for most practical purposes, it qualifies as a Big Move.

There are a few pros:

  • lower cost of living, which translates to more house for the money (the likes of which we won’t be able to afford here until 2016 when our current mortgage is paid off…if even then)
  • better weather, but all four seasons are still observed, from what I understand
  • a job my husband can live with, vs. one that sucks the life out of him
  • everyone says it’s a great place to live

But the cons do give me pause…

  • uprooting after 38 years in the same place…leaving family, friends, school, church, yadda yadda
  • along the same lines, the loss of this “home base” that enables us to see friends and family who are passing through town
  • if we ever do want to come back here, the cost of living thing will bite us you-know-where
  • the cost of living doesn’t seem to carry over to parochial schools, which are 25-50% more expensive there

Additional random stuff:

  • the real estate market sucks right now for sellers…who knows how long it will take to sell our house, which will necessitate maintaining two households indefinitely
  • this wouldn’t normally be as big of a deal, but we just used half of our emergency fund to buy a car
  • even though I don’t see them very often — we are all so busy — I can’t even bring myself to think about leaving my friends, most of whom have been in my life for 15-20 years (or more!)
  • but I am so thankful for my online friends, who will be here whether I log onto the boards from here or there. seriously. huge comfort. I don’t know if I could handle not having anywhere at all where I know people and am known. being the new person sucks.

Tracey was so right — it’s got to be so much easier when you don’t have a choice.



  1. Of course its easier if you have no choice. Choices are paralyzing. Try choosing between San Antonio and Naples. 😉

    Seriously – I’ve heard about Rad’s job situation, and it honestly doesn’t seem like you *do* have a choice. I realize that’s easy for me to say, sitting over here and not in your shoes, but there it is. Being the new person sucks for a while, but then they’ll see how fabulous you are and you’ll have so many RL friends you won’t have time for us anymore. 🙂

  2. Choices are paralyzing. How true. Sucks because in general I’m a really decisive person…so when a decision stops me in my tracks it really freaks me out.

    Silly, I’ll always have time for yoooou …I can’t go showing my blackmail pics to the RL friends, now, can I? 😉

  3. Ain’t that the truth. 😉

  4. I can definately see the cons for you having lived in the same place for so long. On the other hand, you could just jump in and it will probably be great, too. Helpful, right? 😉

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