Dear Home Seller,

September 13, 2007

I know you must be awfully excited about your honkin’ big screen TV, but really, when photographing your home for selling purposes, you don’t need to feature it prominently. It’s a freaking eyesore.

And speaking of eyesores, you might want to pack up some of your crap — you’re moving, aren’t you? I can’t be alone in thinking that looking at all of the floral-overdecorated-kitschy junk in your home photos is about to make my head explode.

One more thing — the fact that your hot water heater is in the corner of a room, in plain view? You might want to downplay that. I’m just sayin’.

Helpfully yours,




  1. Step away from the real estate ads.

  2. You must link!!!!!

  3. What she said!!!

    (Seriously – when we were selling we moved about 1/4 of our crap into storage. How hard is it to clean up a bit?)

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