He’s a few BLANKS short of a BLANK – et al

September 5, 2007

Help me everyone! I want to compile a list of these wonderful phrases you hear daily about people that are, “Not playing with a full deck.” They make me giggle.

(Credit is given to whomever leads me to the saying. . . not that they said it themselves.)

“A few fries short of a Happy Meal”

“Not the sharpest crayon in the box”

“As dumb as a bag of hammers” (bh)

“Not the brightest bulb in the box”

“Few cans shy of a six-pack”

“one pork chop short of a mixed grill” (bh)”Not the sharpest knife in the drawer”

“Not rowing with both oars”

“As dumb as a bag of rocks” (bo)

“Not firing on all cylinders”

“Bout as sharp as a sack of wet mice”(bo)

“Couldn’t pour water out of a boot if it had instructions on the heel.'”(bo) – my fave so far

“He’s half a bubble off.” (contractor/level – Thanks C!)



  1. “Dumber than a box of rocks”

    lots more here:
    and here:

  2. I believe it’s *dumb* as a bag of hammers…at least that’s what B. called me when I got my Mensa test results… 😉

  3. B. adds: one pork chop short of a mixed grill


  4. He’s half a bubble off.

    That’s what my husband and his dad say all of the time — you can tell they are building contractors (referring to a level). lol

    These were fun reading.

  5. I wish I could contribute, but I always manage to mix up 2 sayings and put them in one. Which makes me ‘a few cans shy of a bulb in a box’. 🙂

  6. I’m here, I’m here!!!

    I think I’m having email troubles! I sent a BethanyBabes life update at the same time several other people did a month or so ago.

    Jodi, I also emailed you after I got your package, then got your email asking if I ever got it, then sent another email again right away. I sent it from hotmail directly so I don’t have a saved copy. Plus I’ve sent a few group email newsletters and I guess you haven’t gotten those?

    Let me know if you get this. I’m going to copy it to a comment on your blog!
    Love you, Laura

  7. I’ve always enjoyed this descriptive phrase:

    “Not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree.”

    And then of course there are these, some of which can be used according to profession: “Not cooking on all burners,” “His/her elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top,” He/she is a few bricks shy of a full load,” “Not the sharpest scalpel in the OR,” and “A few cookies (or eggs, donuts–whatever) shy of shy of a full dozen.”

    Hope these help in your search for charitable, yet humorous, descriptions of ourselves when we’re not performing at our full potential!

    Best wishes,

    Gigi Patrignani

  8. ‘a few clowns short of a circus’

  9. A few prawns short of a galaxy

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