August 28, 2007

Remind me NOT to tell my co-workers that I have a blog – because I’m about to talk about another one of them.  While working over the weekend, a co-worker got all bent out of shape because someone called her “Ma’am.”  She said to me, “I’m not an old hag!”

I’ve also heard Oprah speak about this on her show – how it makes her feel old to be called Ma’am.  I just have to say – lighten up folks.  Sir and Ma’am are both words people use as a sign of RESPECT.  Do we not want to be respected?  Maybe some don’t feel deserving of respect?  Maybe it’s a reaction to getting old (which we all are dontcha know).

It just irks me that this irks other people.  There’s no ill intent on behalf of the person calling you Ma’am.  I am absolutely thrilled to be called Ma’am – especially by small children.  It’s the sweet sound of respect!

A similar convo could be had about calling people, “Mrs. So-and-So”” or “Mr. So-and-So.”  Some people hate it because that’s what their friends called their parents.  Well – the time has now come – that you are the adult in your child’s friend’s life.  You are the parent.  You get to be called, “Mrs.” or “Mr.”




  1. Eesh. It irks me too. When I hear a younger person use “sir” or “ma’am” I totally want to go find their parents and thank them for raising them to be polite. People are nuts….

  2. I agree- my daugher calls people “Mr and Mrs” and I’m surpised how many people tell her not to. She’s 3. We want her to say that. Leave it alone, ya know?

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