thank God for the darkness

August 26, 2007

…because, really, I was busting a gut this evening while driving home from my husband’s grandmother’s house, and if the girls saw they might not have understood. Back story…

My husband’s grandfather died yesterday. It was not a surprise — he had been quite ill for some time. Since this will be the girls’ first experience with a wake/funeral/burial, we’ve been careful to try to explain everything that is going to go on.

First, we were asking our six-year-old if she wanted to go to school on Wednesday, or attend the funeral Mass with us.

Me: First there will be a special Mass for Grandpa, then we’ll go to the cemetery where they’ll bury him…
4yo: BURY HIM?!!?
Me: yes, when you die, after your soul has gone to heaven, they bury your body in the ground.
4yo: so all that’s left is his HEAD? There will just be a HEAD???
DH: (quietly busting a gut)
Me: um, no, I’m sorry sweetie, that’s a little confusing, isn’t it? No, his body will still be attached to his head…they’ll bury all of him.

Then, we explain what a casket is, how Daddy will help carry it into the church. They ask if they will get to see him. So we explain that how, if they want to, they can see him at the wake, because there’s a special door on top of the casket that opens up.

DH: It will look like he’s sleeping….and he’ll be wearing a suit –
4yo:he’s going to be NAKED??
Me: (quietly busting a gut)
DH: No, sweetie, he’s not going to be wearing his birthday suit…

Later on, our 4yo asks, “what was wrong with him, anyways?”

DH: Well, he was old, and very tired.
Me: And remember, he fell and hit his head, then he got very sick.

We can’t wait to see what she comes up with at the actual wake and funeral… 😉


One comment

  1. Oh my gosh! I am dying over here, Julie! How did you manage to contain yourself??????? LOL LOL

    Okay, seriously though, I’m sorry your loss.

    But that little girl is just hysterical!

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