Growing Pains

August 22, 2007

I was recently told that Julie was “Kicking my But” at this blog thing – with many postings.  Must admit it is true.  So. . . here’s my back to school post.

If you home school – bare with me as I explain my reality.

My baby has started First Grade.  She is a total angel in my life – an incredible gift.  I have NEVER had a day with her that I thought – I wish someone would give me a BREAK from this child.  She is so easy-going, content, kind, and thoughtful.  Now – she’s with someone else for 7 of her waking hours.  It makes me sad.

I went to Target the first day of school.  BIG MISTAKE.  There were all kinds of moms with 3 and 4 year olds and all I could think was, “I don’t want my days to myself.”  Now, there were times that I wished for time to myself – just because being a mom of two kids can be exhausting – but I just wanted slices of time to myself – not DAYS and DAYS.

The homeschooling mom might say to me at this point, “Well, you know you could always home school.”  It’s true – I could.  If my daughter didn’t LOVE school -I would definitely consider it.  My son is pretty brainy – and a lot like me – so THAT wouldn’t work.  But I could home school my daughter if I thought it’d be better for her.  Right now, I think it’s best that she’s at a fabulous school – I’m just jealous that they get her all day.

It’s true – sometimes you really don’t know how good you have it – until it’s over.  I’ll treasure our half days and full days together – like never before.  If you are in the throws of parenting toddlers – I send you lots of grins.  I know toddler days are the hardest days – but someday soon, you’ll be in my shoes – shedding a tear that they’re over.



  1. Oh, I totally get this. As my boss was trying to talk me into coming back to work more hours this fall instead of next fall, I was all, NO WAY, my baby’s only going to be home with me for one more year. And while the money would be nice, there’s no way I’m handing her over to someone else before I have to. You can’t put a price tag on the wee years. Such a sweet pea.


  2. Aw, Jodi! I’m like this with my boy. My two girls….they make me prematurely gray. Love them, but MAN. But my snuggly boy! We’re a good team. I was happy when he begged to be homeschooled like my oldest.

    BTW, I think your son and my nephew are in the same GT school. How coincidental is that?!

    We should meet up at a park/Costco/somewhere and chat!

  3. I am so dreading that day. I almost get tears in my eyes thinking about it now. Sending you HUGE HUGS!

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