it’s driving me nuts

July 25, 2007

Usually I don’t pay a tremendous amount of attention to clothes — but there’s this hoodie. It’s so flippin’ cute. I totally want one. But I have no idea where it came from. Danielle (BB8) is wearing it in this video. And you can sort of see it here:


Totally adorable. And I don’t even usually like hoodies.



  1. Well, I spent about an hour combing the net for you. I thought I was on a roll with Lucky – batik as two search words – but alas ended up with nothing. I suppose worse comes to worse, when she’s voted out, we can ask her at Housecalls.

  2. LOL — if you google it, you’ll see that I’m not the only one loooking for it…

  3. I noticed it too! Even commented on it to my husband, who just looked at me with that glazed over look in his eyes like he usually does when I talk clothes. It is adorable!

  4. Ahhh, it is a Lucky hoodie after all. None of my searches turned up anything, but it just showed up on eBay. For a ridiculous amount of money. *sigh*

  5. A) Thought you were going to avoid BB this summer. Heh.

    B) I have an unfortunate attraction to all things Lucky. I keep gravitating towards stuff then seeing the label and realizing I can never afford it. Sigh. (Actually bought a white sundress last week that was an extra %40 off the clearance price – was kind of in sticker shock that I spent $35, but whatever… then I got home and checked my math and realized it had been $45. Gasp. Don’t tell Joe.)

  6. Jenn – Costco has Lucky Jeans – only $50! (which I’m told is a steal).

  7. LOLOLOLOL!! Buy-it-now on ebay for only $170!!
    What a STEAL!!
    Whew! It is really cute though!

  8. Jodi – the thought of spending $50 on jeans just made me throw up in my mouth a little. Truly – I’m the cheapest woman on the planet. Well, except maybe for Julie. 😉

    Also – Costco! How I miss you! (I’m in Italy.)

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