Transformers – not for small children

July 21, 2007

I have a 9 year old boy. Nine year old boys generally like to: play video games, play sports, read (some of them) and watch movies. When we get him together with friends – they also like to do these things together. Now, I know when we return to school in 4 weeks, that just about every boy in his class will have seen the new Transformers movie. I really wanted my son to be able to see this movie but alas, he can not.

The first place I go for movie reviews is Plugged In which is a subsidiary of Focus on the Family. If you click on that link, you’ll find the Transformers review. Some parents don’t mind inuendos – because a lot of it goes over the heads of small children. They make me crazy mad. But, it looks like this movie is full of things a 9 year old should not see. If you look under s*xual content and the conclusion you’ll see what I’m talking about – don’t want to list it in our blog.

You know, the ratings people, they rated it PG-13, recommending that 13 would be an appropriate age to see this movie – but parents don’t listen to that. We as parents love movies so much – and really enjoyed going as children ourselves – so we look for movies appropriate for our kids! Most people go – even if it may not be for small children.

A friend I work with has taken her 4 year old! She and I recently had a conversation about which side to put her child’s carseat so he won’t die in a car accident. What about guarding our children’s hearts? Childhood innocence is quickly becoming a thing of the past. I’m not sure what to do with my frustration – so here I sit blogging. Am I the only one out here that feels this way?

In closing, please read reviews for movies you take your kids to. Even seemingly innocent movies contain messages and content you would not believe. Pink Panther is being played across the country as a free family movie this summer – read THAT review. Sheesh.



  1. Deja vu — I just had this conversation the other day. The thing that irks me most is when parents say (after their toddler has just seen an ultra creepy or violent movie), “but it didn’t bother him/her at all!” DUDE. It SHOULD bother a child to see that stuff. If they’re desensitized to gore and violence by the time they hit kindergarten, you should be concerned. And I should be concerned, because your kid is sitting next to my kid at school. Grrrr.


  2. What a great post and reminder! I love PluggedIn too! It’s a fabulous tool!

    To add what Julie said…. my parents guarded our eyes and ears very carefully when it came to TV. We didn’t even get a TV until I was about 10, and we never had cable as long as I lived at home (although they do now).
    As an adult, I am still very sensitive to violent or creepy moves. Things that bother me probably wouldn’t bother most 12 year olds. My husband and I were just talking about this the other day and I was saying that I was kind of embaressed that I am such a chicken, and he said to me “No, you shouldn’t be. The entire world should be like you are, and it’s sad that it’s not.”
    I am hoping that I can do at least 1/2 the job my parents did when it comes to that. I think it’s a whole lot more important than people realize!

  3. I agree completely with you, and it’s nice to know other people are “overprotective” with their children. Kids have so much to deal with, why do we introduce them to so much of it so early?

    I’ve used Plugged In before and I think it’s a great site! Nice post

  4. AMEN! Gosh, I read the review for Transformers (I’m a Plugged-In mom, too) because dh wanted to take our (eleven year old) dd. The following day he commented to me that *so-and-so* said he took his son to see Transformers and *so-and-so* saw nothing wrong with it!

  5. I watched this movie and felt so guilty afterwards. This movie was so packed with sexuality that the 3rd movie might not even include robots if they keep up the trend….terrible movie that is sugar coated with nice special effects so that people will compromise to see it!

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