July 11, 2007

Well aren’t we going to win the bloggers of the year award over here! Not!

Last week was a major flurry of activity, what with the wedding and all.  My “creative block” post concerned menu cards for said wedding, which actually did make it downstate with the bride on Thursday. We followed on Friday, and aside from a frightfully awful night of sleep at the hotel, it was a great trip. We got home late Saturday night and laid low on Sunday.

Monday was the weeper — my baby’s 4th birthday. I know I’ve said this before, but there’s really, officially, undeniably no baby left in her. She’s a little girl. She does still like to crawl in my lap and give me hugs 4567976 times a day though, and that’s what keeps me from being inconsolably sad about how grown up she is.

I’ve been eating so, so, so poorly lately that I’ve decided that I need to cook tomorrow. I always eat better when I’m cooking. But when it’s 95 degrees I’m not likely to do so. It’s only going to be 74 so I figure I can crank the air if I have to, but that might not even be necessary. On the list: pancakes (to freeze), oven-baked fried chicken (which DH insists should not be referred to as “fried”), random chicken (roast, de-bone, and save for future use), and more granola.

I also need to deal with the garden — I’ll harvest the last of the lettuce (which may or may not be edible at this point) and fill in the empty spaces with more basil! It’s all pesto, all the time around here — or rather it would be if we could get the basil to grow faster. 😉


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