June 29, 2007

Houston, we have a six-inch cucumber. Yesterday it was 4.5″…no doubt DD will be out in the garden with a ruler at 7:30 a.m. to see if it grew another inch and a half.

My hand is ready to fall off yet I am unable to stop surfing.

The hamsters have been revealed! Is it that time already?? (!!!) (If you don’t know what I’m talking about then move right along…)

The new Die Hard movie is awesome. You know, in a totally 24-ish “no way could that happen, no way is he not dead yet and btw, he really kicks ***” sort of way. Very entertaining…highly recommended if you don’t have a prob with all the killing and swearing. 😉

I just read a thread on a board about a woman having awful relationship problems with her teenage daughter and it freakin’ TERRIFIED me. Sooooo not looking forward to that part.

Barbara Kingsolver’s new-ish book is really, really good. And I’m only on the fourth chapter. Every time I see another blogger mention it, I smile because that means people are reading it, and I wish everyone would read it. It’s a very important book, imho.

I wish someone else was still awake so they could scratch my back.




  1. LOL – I went to reserve the Kinsolver book and I’m like number 47 on the hold list. Did Oprah have her on or something?

  2. LOL, not sure…it is a FAB book though. I think the only reason I got it when I did was that I requested it before it was released, so I was way up on the list. 😉 But nooo way would they let me renew it…too many people waiting. I got a B&N gift card right after that and ended up buying it.

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