Old habits. . . new salsa

June 29, 2007

So, growing up, the light in our basement – by the washer and dryer – didn’t have a string to turn it on and off. What we did was actually screw the bulb in more to turn it on and when you left – you unscrewed it a bit to turn it off.

Fast forward 21 years (amount of time since I’ve lived in my childhood home). So I go down to my basement last week and tried to screw the lightbulb on by the washer!!! I about died when I realized why I’d done it. My string had broken off the little light fixture – so today I replaced it with a pull from Home Depot. Whew.

Must add. . . I’m not usually a chip/salsa girl, but I was at Costco (not the one I work at) and they had samples of Jack’s Special Salsa . Wow is it good. I can’t stop eating it – which is good because it’s 48 oz’s. Yum. It says “medium” on it – but it’s not hot – I’ve had a little heat occasionally – but overall – not hot.

Oh, and while we’re talking chips and salsa, The Container Store has the cutest snack and dip container for lunches It has a built in bowl in the center for your dip (perfect size for the bite sized Tostitos).


One comment

  1. mmmm…salsa

    I had totally forgotten about the light! And speaking of nostalgia, you won’t believe what mom dropped off yesterday…I’ll have to post a photo 😀

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