garden update!

June 13, 2007

Jodi asked to see pics of my garden…here is the whole thing:


The squash and cucumbers are about twice the size now as they were when I took this photo a week ago. The leaf lettuce is getting much bigger too. I’m doing Square Foot Gardening, a method which I’m eternally grateful that I discovered after I started my seedlings but before I dug a huge garden plot. It’s soooo easy and so far, is producing great results. It looks so wee, yet there are 10 lettuce plants, 4 cucumber plants, one tomato plant, 48 carrots, 32 onions, a squash plant, four pepper plants, and some basil growing in there. And I have two squares yet to plant.

To supplement the things I started from seed, I bought four plants — one tomato, two buttercrunch lettuce, and a pepper. Good thing, because my from-seed sweet peppers are pathetically small. So far. The buttercrunch and basil (I’ve been harvesting the outer leaves of the lettuce…I’ve picked about 3 salads’ worth so far and it just keeps getting bigger):


And the leaf lettuce (seriously, twice as big now!!):


Cucumbers and tomatoes:


The loveliest pepper plant:


There’s more, but I’ll just let ya go to the flickr album if you’re that interested. I have to say, I’m so glad I took these pictures because gardening can seem soooo slooooow…it’s good to be able to see how much everything actually grows in just a week. Makes me want to take more pictures tomorrow!


One comment

  1. It looks great, Julie! I need some pepper plants. I have tomatoes growing in my garden, but peppers sound much better! Good work!

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