June 12, 2007

So over Memorial Day Weekend we went to Covenant Heights – a campground in Estes Park for a work and worship weekend. This weekend provided the camp with 600 man-hours to get the camp ready for the summer. Our family got to put together a whole tent village. The tents are on wooden platforms – and have frames that we put the tents over – it was quite a task – and a great sense of accomplishment followed. Now, aside from that fun and watching my little girl raise her hands in worship (because that’s what the big girls were doing) the highlight of this weekend was definitely the zipline. The cable is over 1,000 feet long and we were probably about 2 stories up in the air. It ran from up on a hill – down across a lake, and out over a swamp (the heavier you are – the farther you go).

If you click on the pics above – you can see the full size pic. In the first is my husband. In the second – my daughter is on her way over the lake. The third shows the final destination – equiped with a big ole ladder that you have to climb down at the end. Forth is my son going down – bit scared the first time but he loved it. No pics of me dontcha know.

Estes Park is absolutely gorgeous. Hopefully these give you a taste of what it’s like.



  1. oh dear, the girls are going to be soooo jealous when I show them these!!

  2. Wow! Great pictures!! Looks like fun!! : )

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