the shower

June 12, 2007


Doesn’t that look SO YUM?

My best friend and I threw a shower for our about-to-be-married friend this past Sunday. Sticking to our MO, everything was all matchy and adorable and we worked our tails off for four straight days…I said, just imagine if we had time and a bigger budget!

We went with a brown/aqua/sagey color scheme, inspired by all the cute Martha stuff at Michael’s. The invitation is on the right in this photo:


I found the fabric and was strangely obsessed with sewing linens for the party, even though it was laughably impractical. I churned out a few runners and things, but sadly had to abandon the cloth napkins twenty minutes before I was due to leave for the shower. (sigh) I’d still like to finish them so I can sell the set of party linens on etsy or something. 😉

I did manage to finish the little food signs though — a great touch imo…


And the favors turned out really cute!


With the exception of the chicken salad and spinach artichoke dip from Trader Joe’s, I made all of the food (finger food, as it was a mid-afternoon shower). I got a ton of great recpies from Culinary in the Desert:

Cream Cheese Swirl Blondies
East 62nd Street Lemon Cake
Individual Mocha-Toffee Crunch Cheesecakes
Marbled Caramel Chocolate Bars
Cocoa Tassies with Peppermint Cream Filling
Double Chocolate-Mint Cheesecake Bars

I made an appetizer-sized version of these, using plum tomatoes, which turned out well and was really pretty too.  And the White Peach Sangria was well-received as always. I learned my lesson the first time I made it — always double the recipe!

All in all, a fun party that we had a really good time throwing. But it’s nice to be done!



  1. Amazing! Good show!

  2. Looks amazing!!! Great job per usual!

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