this one’s going to cry at the movies

May 27, 2007

So, I had a monumentally dumb mom moment yesterday.

I try really hard to not expose my 3 year old to things that I wouldn’t have exposed her six year old sister to when she was three, if that makes any sense. It’s hard though, when there’s an older sibling, to keep things on the same level innocence-wise. (Especially when their classmates turn their noses up at preschool shows, declaring loudly that “those are for BABIES.” Grrr…but that’s a whole ‘nother post.)

So, my older daughter is sooo into the Magic Tree House books, which I think is so great. Her reading comprehension is improving so much. She happened to be reading the book that features the story of the Titanic, and she asked me quite a few questions about it. Since I know a good bit about the subject (the movie totally haunted me and after seeing it I read everything I could get my hands on about it), I was able to answer and share the story in more detail than (of course) the Magic Tree House format could. I showed her pictures. We talked and talked.

Without even thinking that this was perhaps a bit much for a three year old to process.

My sweet, sweet three year old who all of the sudden crawled into my lap and cried and cried because it was such a sad story. Every time she would start to pull herself together, a new wave of sadness would come and she would start crying again. It was so. freaking. sad. I felt awful.

Of course after she stopped crying her sister chirped, “Mummah? Were there any little kids on the Titanic?”

I shot her the shut your freaking piehole right now or your sister will start bawling again look and answered, “Of course there were. But they were the first ones on the lifeboats.”

Mummah, did any little kids die on the Titanic?”

(sigh) “NO.”

Of course later on she cornered me, demanding to know if any little kids really died. While her sister was off telling Daddy the story of the Titanic, tears in her eyes.



  1. I hate it when something like that happens.

    Poor girl. 😦


  2. Oh Julie-

    That broke my heart when I read that. She is really quite remarkable to process that at such a young age.
    Im sure you handled it perfectly though.
    **miss you**

    PS – Are you watching BB with me this year????

  3. OMG how sad. I’m so sad reading this.. I have tears in my eyes!! 😦 😦 She is super sensitive. What a dolly girl!

    Of course, the tears in my eyes gives you a quick peek into my sensitive nature as well, haha!

    Hugs! to you and your little teary one!


  4. I have lots of Treehouse books I can loan, if you’d like! I’m not sure the numbers.

    Also, if she likes fantasy stories, there’s a great series called “The Secret of Droon” which is also engaging like the MTH books. I also have those available for loan!

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