What I’ve been up to – HATS

May 21, 2007

Hi there!  Good thing I have a faithful sister to keep us going.  I’ve been a bit preoccupied lately.  Remember that crochet class?  After four glorious weeks – it’s done.  Here’s some fruit:




 The top hat is a “Kid’s Flower Cap” by Ann Norling.  I did the carnation atop – which is amazing to create – takes very little time and produces great wow factor.  The second hat was my homework for the class.  Quick and fun.  Both are crocheted with Elann Sonata – thanks to Julie’s generous giftcard donation. <high fives sis>  I also created a cupcake purse – which looks much better on the counter stuffed with newspaper than filled with a 6 year old’s stuff and carried on her shoulder.



  1. *high fives sis* np! They look great! How long does it talk to crochet a hat?

  2. The adult hat is 18 rows – that’s it! Being my first – it probably took me a couple hours – not sure though as I worked on it here and there as time presented itself. The baby hat probably also took a couple hours.

  3. Jodi-O!! Wow, that is soooOOO great. I wish I had inherited my moms skillz. Maybe I have! You have inspired me to find out!

  4. They look wonderful! Great work!

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