on a lighter note,

May 17, 2007

I’ve sooo been pulling for a Blake/Jordin final all along. If I can’t have Rachel Zevita, it might as well be one of them… 😉



  1. Go Jordin!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am excited myself, as this is what I have been hoping for as well!
    I would be happy if either won. Hubby is pulling for Blake!
    I think eithe are quite marketable. Melinda had an awesome voice, and she is a great person I’m sure, but I don’t think she would have been as marketable for them as the other two. I do hope she ends up somewhere with some sort of deal though.

  3. Um, what happened to ole what’s his name – last year’s winner? Doesn’t seem he’s been marketed very well either.

  4. I love Taylor! But you’re right — we haven’t seen much of him.

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